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Can you name the Beneath You - Buffy?

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Where is the Potential killed at the beginning of the episode from?
In the opening credits, what Season is the final picture from?
Who says, 'That's where I go to get my scorn on?'
What job does Buffy get at the new Sunnydale High?
What is a 'wooden rod made to slap the sole of the feet in Turkish Prisons?'
Why is Willow going home?
What animal gets eaten by the worm?
What's the girls name (the worm's ex)?
Finish the quote 'From beneath you...'
How does Dawn say Spike will wake up if he hurts Buffy again?
Question or QuoteAnswer
What does Spike call Dawn?
What's the Worm's human name?
Who turned him into a Worm?
What colour is Anya's hair now?
What is Anya talking about when she said, 'Oh my god... How did you do it? I can see you... How did you get it?'
What is the Worm?
Who says, 'Right you are love, I haven't changed. Not a lick... And watching your face trying to figure me out was absolutely delicious!'
Where does Spike go when he runs off, after stabbing Ronnie?
Who should have warned Spike what a having a soul was like?
What is Spike leaning on when he asks Buffy is they can just rest?

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