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So, what derogatory nickname was given to King John, due to his non-inheritance of his father's Empire?
What was the name given to Medieval tin mining towns in Cornwall, and later to local Cornish parliaments?
Which erudite astronomer, mathematician and natural scientist became Bishop of Lincoln in 1220?
Which set of demands. including the right to hold a parliament electing half the king's council, led to the Second Baronial War?
And at which Warwickshire castle did this war effectively end in 1266?
Which monuments did Edward I dedicate to his Castilian wife, whose body was carried back from Harby in Nottinghamshire to Wesminster?
Name one of Edward II's favourites (and alleged lovers, according to his enemies).
In which year was the Edict of Expulsion issued, forcing England's Jewish community to leave?
In which Dorset town was the dreaded Black Death of 1348-1530 first recorded?
Who was the author of the Middle English narrative poem Piers Plowman?
What kind of book is James le Palmer's Omne Bonum, written while he was a clerk of the Exchequer?
Everyone knows the Battle of Agincourt. But which English weapon was the battle a triumph for?
I am: the early fifteenth-century female mystic, who walled herself up in a tower in Norfolk and was given meals through a slot in the wall.
I am: 14's contemporary, a wealthy Norfolk brewer-woman who saw visions of Jesus and went on pilgrimage to Rome, the Holy Land, Santiago de Compostela and Bad Wilsnack.
Which was the main commodity imported at the port town of Southampton?
Which symbol of Lancashire was important during the country's long fifteenth-century civil wars?
In which year were the Second Battle of Saint Albans and the Battle of Towton?
I am: Henry VI's strong-willed wife, who led troops into battle and schemed on his behalf.
Which border town, disputed constantly with Scotland, finally fell into English hands in 1482?
Under which non-landmark was the body of King Richard III found in 2012?
How did the English describe the lands under English rule in Ireland?
QuestionAnswerFurther Ramblings
Which rather offensive English expression, meaning unacceptable or awful, derives from the previous answer?
I am: the author of Utopia, a book describing an idealised society on a fictional island. I will eventually be one of many people executed by Henry VIII.
I am: the Medici pope who refused to break up Henry and his long-suffering wife Catherine.
Which number wife of Henry VIII was Catherine Howard, in chronological order?
Name one of the major reformation Acts of Parliament in 1534.
Which Tudor equivalent of the Million Man March saw Yorkshire Catholics head for London to protest the Reformation?
I am: the British-American who turned up in London with his wife Pocahontas, who tragically died at Gravesend.
What was Sir Francis Drake allegedly doing in Plymouth when the Spanish Armada entered the English Channel?
Which remote Lancashire locale saw a series of witch trials in which ten people were hanged, including the famous Demdike?
In which year were both Shakespeare's The Tempest and the King James Bible published?
Name both of the parliaments which started in 1640.
Who were Oliver Cromwell's elite fighting force?
And which famous British army gear did Cromwell introduce around 1645?
Which discredited scientific field fascinated Sir Isaac Newton, and may have been responsible for some of his erratic behaviour?
And what did the great scientist supposedly paint his room with at university?
Fill in the 1680s words: _______ Crisis, _______ Revolution.
The 'South Sea Bubble' burst in 1720, causing an economic crisis. But which 'Sea' does the name refer to?
I am: a close confidante of Princess Anne, and if some people are to be believed, her lesbian lover. I married a (male) general nonetheless.
Which scandalous club was founded by the dissolute gambler and drinker Sir Francis Wharton, but claimed the Devil as its President?
Which artform is William Hogarth associated with?
Which battle against rebels in Scotland was described by Cole and Postgate as the 'extinction' of feudalism?

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