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So, what kind of a monument would you find at West Kennet?
And which part of the Stone Age does this monument belong to?
Which letter sometimes precedes 'Celtic' to describe the culture and language of Iron Age England and Wales?
Which name was given to several impressive Bronze and Iron Age ditches, most famously one dug by the Catuvellauni in Hertfordshire? (Julius Caesar woz ere)
Which misleadingly named pre-Christian road ran from south Hampshire to the Canterbury area in Kent?
What would you call a Celtic neck-ring, often made from strands of precious metal twisted together?
And where in Norfolk was a huge hoard of these elegant artefacts unearthed?
Name the British tribe who buried the hoard. Boudica was one of them.
Which religion did the Romans invade Anglesey in 61AD to stamp out?
So, when did Julius Agricola (Tacitus' daddy-in-law) become the Governor of Britain?
Agricola was an early governor of Britannia. Which part of the British Isles did he plan to invade, but never reach?
According to Tacitus, the British chief Calgacus had some tough words about the Romans. Fill in any of the common translations: 'They create a _____ and call it peace'
So which major Roman road connected Exeter and Lincoln?
The Roman city of Bath was called Aquae Sulis. But to which god did the Romans connect the British goddess Sul?
So who was the pretty un-Roman god worshipped by soldiers on Hadrian's Wall?
Who was the enterprising Roman general who seized power in Britain and northern Gaul in 286?
When the Romans left Britain, what message is Honorius supposed to have sent them?
I am: a seventh century Anglo-Saxon king of East Anglia, Christian but famously buried in a ship.
I am: a pretty miserable British bloke who wrote a book about these pesky Anglo-Saxons and how they ruin everything.
I am: the pope who decided the Anglo-Saxons would be happier as Christians.
Where was the last independent Brythonic (native British) kingdom, Dumnonia?
Which city grew up on the River Severn because of its nearby salt pans?
QuestionAnswerFurther Ramblings
In which English county, home to Tamworth, was a famous Mercian hoard of valuable metalwork buried in the seventh or eighth centuries?
In which year was Lindisfarne first raided by the Vikings?
And whose relics did the monks take on a long hike with them, eventually leaving them at Durham?
Which was the first major town the Vikings eventually captured, in 866?
At which 871 battle did King Alfred first get a chance to shine?
Which East Anglian king did the Vikings kill (and possibly bury)?
Which river did King Alfred drain to strand Danish boats near Hertford in 895?
Which Medieval community institution could already be seen in tenth-century London, taxing its members and even providing a civic banquet?
Which famous battle at the Humber estuary (or possibly the Wirral) involved the Anglo-Saxons, Scots, Strathcylde and probably the Irish too?
And which year did it take place in?
I am: the last Viking king of Northumbria, turfed out by Eadred.
Which king's amusing epithet actually means something like 'Poorly counselled'?
What was the name for an Anglo-Saxon payment to end a blood feud?
You might know that Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardraada and William of Normandy were all jockeying for power in 1066. Who was the fourth major candidate for king?
What was the common name given to the Conqueror's brutal pillaging of northern England, after the conquest?
Name one of the great Cistercian Abbeys founded in twelfth-century Yorkshire.
Which commodity were the Cistercian monks famous for selling, making their monasteries rich in the process?
By what name is the lengthy Civil War that followed Henry I's death often known?
Which holy mission did Richard the Lionheart use as an excuse to barely visit England during his ten-year reign?
Which Holy Roman Emperor held Richard I prisoner at Trifels Castle?
Which West Coast city and which prestigious university were founded by the endlessly slandered King John? Give me either.
The Magna Carta might have been signed at Runnymede. But where was it (probably) first drafted? It was on display in this town in August 2013.

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