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I want any of the first five prime ministers EXCEPT Robert Walpole.
Name the eccentric Neo-Gothic house, built by Horace Walpole in Twickenham.
In which year did government pass the Marriage Act which made clandestine marriages harder and set the minimum marriageable age at 16?
Which British prime minister passed the unpopular Stamp Act, leading to civil unrest in the Thirteen Colonies of the USA?
Which slogan followed the renegade aristocrat and MP John Wilkes, due to his free speech struggles?
Which industry made Lancashire the core of the Industrial Revolution?
From which town did the Bridgewater Canal, opened in 1761, carry coal to Manchester?
Which London riot of 1780 stemmed from febrile anti-Catholic feeling in London?
I am: the early feminist who penned A Vindication of the Rights of Women.
I am: the Preston-born business magnate who designed the water frame and owned major factories in Cromford and Nottingham.
I am: the British writer and Conservative philosopher who mistrusted the French Revolution and predicted its bloody denouement.
Fill in the blank: Napoleon memorably referred to England as 'that nation of _________'
Which Irish regiment was devastated at the Battle of Waterloo, losing five hundred of its seven hundred soldiers?
Which shocking conspiracy was discovered in 1820 before it could be enacted?
In which year was the first British census?
Which Welsh town was the largest settlement in Wales in that census?
To which Irish county was Daniel O'Connell elected as an MP in 1828 on a platform of repeal of the union?
QuestionAnswerFurther Ramblings
Which industry was brought to Middlesbrough by Henry Volckow, and quickly became the largest employer in the town?
In which year did London Zoo and St. Katharine's Docks Open?
The Chartists were universal suffrage campaigners. Which was the list of demands they presented to parliament in 1839, 1842 and 1848?
Which Chartist had a mental breakdown as the movement fizzled out, and engaged Edmund Beckett Denison in a fistfight in the House of Commons?
Which diamond from Andhra Pradesh sat at the heart of the Great Exhibition of 1851?
Where in London did Karl Marx settle in 1856?
Which ancient Welsh poetry competition was resurrected in Denbigh in 1860 as a national event?
So how many years passed between Darwin's return to the UK on the HMS Beagle, and his publication of On the Origin of Species?
I am: the founder of the Irish Home Rule Party, also known as the Irish Parliamentary Party.
Which innovation of Gladstone had helped make the above party more successful, by reducing the electoral influence of landlords?
Which 1879 calamity prompted William McGonagall to write a verse that has been commonly described as the worst poem in history?
I am: an influential early atheist, banned from parliament in 1880 for refusing to swear a Christian Oath.
I am: the Scottish physicist who formulated a unified theory of electromagnetism, and described the nature of electric and magnetic fields.
Which river, running through Glasgow, was the centre of the country's shipbuilding for most of the industrial era?
What was the title of the pre-colonial leaders of Egypt, whose financial insolvency eventually drew the UK into the Scramble for Africa?
Which cathedral did Edmund Beckett Denison (now Baron Grimthorpe) restore between 1880 and 1883, in a city which had only just received city status?

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