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He is the legendary protagonist of the most famous Kyrgyz epic poem, one of the longest poems ever written.
This general (born in Bishkek) was a Bolshevik and a close ally of Lenin and Stalin.
This popular governor of Osh and Prime Minister of the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic (KSSR) was assassinated in 1980.
The country's first president after independence, a former physicist who was ousted in 2005.
The second president, who was also turfed out in 2010 and is now in exile in Belarus.
The interim president after Bakiyev was forced out, and the only female President of Kyrgyzstan to date.
The current president of Kyrgyzstan.
In the nineteenth century, this noblewoman rose to become the leader of her Alai tribe, and was later called 'the Tsaritsa of Alai'.
The educator who helped devise two Kyrgyz alphabets, and was killed by the Soviets in 1938 for writing an offensive song.
A famous wrestler and strongman who was loved by the people of Suusamyr for his hard work and dedication to the townspeople.
A famous Turkic poet from the Silk Road city of Balasagun, who wrote the Kutadgu Bilig.
HintFamous Person
A poet who was for some time exiled in Siberia by the Tsarists, then returned and wrote poetry in praise of Lenin and Communism. His name is now a literary prize.
This noted Kyrgyz writer spent his youth writing for Communist newspapers. Later, he wrote Eyewitness, and the novel Before the Dawn, about Tsarist Kyrgyzstan.
This country- and genre-hopping soul, jazz and pop singer was born in Osh, and has spent most of her career in the Ukrainian Crimea.
The band who formed in 1985 after buying illegal branded equipment in Moscow. Their hits include 'Frunze', an ode to Soviet-era Bishkek.
This ethnically Uzbek journalist was born in Bazar-Korgon. He documented violence against Uzbeks in 2010, and is now a prisoner despite the efforts of Amnesty International and Air
A multimedia journalist (well-known in Kyrgyzstan) who works as the editor of Radio IWPR. He broadcasts in Russian and Kyrgyz, and via Facebook and Youtube.
The young journalist, who became famous for her firsthand blogging on the Tulip Revolution.
NOT FROM Kyrgyzstan: but this famous conquerer added the Kyrgyz to his long list of tributaries in the early 13th Century.
NOT FROM Kyrgyzstan: but this general led mostly Kyrgyz and Kazakh troops at Borovichi and Moscow, and became a Hero of the Soviet Union.
NOT A PERSON: but this blossoming revolution saw Askar Akayev forced from power in 2005.

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