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Hank Pym, with the ability to shrinkMarvel
Cavedwelling nocturnal protector of justiceDC
Feline foil to the aboveDC
The 'Sorcerer Supreme' of EarthMarvel
Helen Parr, mother of superheroes Dash, Violet, and Jack-JackDisney
Note the Queen song. King Features Syndicate
An enemy of the Flash with the ability to control the minds of othersDC
Lou Ferrigno, Eric Bana or Ed Norton with gamma radiation problemsMarvel
Simon Steele, Ezekiel Stane, or Obediah StaneMarvel
The Martian ManhunterDC
The SuperdogDC
A female counterpart to Wolverine, and foe of the X-Men in generalMarvel
He developed a gas that can cancel Spider-Man's spider-sense, but overall has no super powers-- simply training in the art of illusionMarvel
Blue member of the X-Men with the ability to teleportMarvel
Leader of the AutobotsMarvel
By your powers combined, I am...Hanna-Barbera
Son of Magneto and twin of the scarlet WitchMarvel
A vigilante named for the constantly-morphing inkblot patterns on his maskDC
Originally fought villains in outer space, but now hosts a 'coast to coast' talk showHanna-Barbera/DC
Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, and MichelangeloMirage Studios
There's no need to fear... ___________ is here!NBC/CBS
A symbiote that attaches itself to Spider-man, and later to Eddie BrockMarvel
Born James Howlett, but more commonly referred to as Logan, this member of the X-men is better known for his claws than his inherent mutant ability to heal.Marvel
Professor Charles, owner of a Westchester school for 'Gifted Youngsters,' and later on, an institute for higher learningMarvel
A member of the Teen Titans at one point (and no, he is not Puttin' on the Ritz.)DC
He makes the sign of the ZDynamite Entertainment

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