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QUIZ: Can you give one answer for each category beginning with the correct letter?

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Starting letter and categoryExampleSubject (number of possible answers)
S: British royal housesHistory (2)
C: companies in the Dow 30Economics (4)
H: major Greek gods and godessesMythology (5)
O: letters of the Greek alphabetGreek (2)
O: first names in Shakespeare playsDrama (12)
L: light emission methods without combustionIndustrial arts (2)
S: ĂȘtre forms in simple present tenseFrench (3)
C: Nobel laureates in medicineMedicine (11)
H: books of the King James bibleReligion (4)
O: commonest 50 Swedish & 50 Norwegian wordsNordic languages (5)
O: Spanish numbers under 50Spanish (2)
L: elements of the periodic tableChemistry (6)
Starting letter and categoryExampleSubject (number of possible answers)
S: Monty Python's 'spam' sketch ingredients (spam itself excluded)*Lunch break (2)
C: geologic time periodsGeology (5)
H: SI derived units and SI prefixesPhysics (4)
O: provinces and Capitals of CanadaGeography (2)
O: titles of Robert Frost poemsLiterature (7)
L: bones of the human bodyAnatomy (4)
S: needs from Maslow's hierarchyPsychology (2)
C: baseball positionsP.E. (2)
H: most spoken first languages (over 25 mln native speakers)Cultural Anthropology (3)
O: 88 modern (visible) constellationsAstronomy (3)
O: regular polygon, less than 20 sidesGeometry (2)
L: singles by 'The Beatles'Music (3)

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