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Can you answer these questions on US presidential elections without any knowledge about the topic needed?

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How often are regular presidential elections held in the US?How often are the Summer Olympics held?
In which month does election day usually fall?Which month has the topaz and the chrysanthemum as symbols?
Who is, on national level, indirectly elected?What is the name of both a wine grape and a dairy brand from France?
What body is, on national level, directly elected?European borders were redrawn at the 1814 ___ of Vienna.
This body consists of 435 representatives and how many senators?What number does the C represent in the Roman numeral system?
Until which amendment could states decide on how to elect senators?Which century became known as the Dutch Golden Age?
The head of state is directly chosen by the Electoral ___.What name for high school (intl) is sometimes used for US universities?
Electors of this body are chosen per state. Which state has the most?What word completes the song titles '___ Dreamin'' and 'Dani ___'?
The system where the ticket with the most votes gets all electoral votes is called ___ ___ ___.Which 1946-1952 CBS/NBC game show on radio and TV, most notably hosted by Bill Cullen, led the way for many others?
How many states vote according to this principle?How many hrs. are in the title of the 1982 Nolte/Murphy buddy cop movie?
Because of this, the winner can have a minority of the ___ vote.What does 'pop' in pop music and pop art stand for?
Thus, close to call states can be important. How are these also known?What 1920s-1940s dance is also known as 'jitterbug'?
In what year was the end of the first presidential election?In what year was the storming of the Bastille (july 14)?
George Washington won this election. What Federalist came second?'Quincy' was the second name of which US President?
Including 2016, how many Presidential elections have been held?What is the atomic number of the lanthanide element cerium?
Who was the first president from the Democratic Party?What is the capital and largest city of Mississippi?
Who was the first Republican president?What car brand, owned by Ford, is famous for the Continental?
How many presidents were from neither of those two biggest parties?How many tails has the tortorous 'cat' device?
Only natural-born US citizens over what age are eligible for president?What is the most common width for film and photo strips in mm?
Who was the oldest person to be inaugurated as president?What actor played an amputee in the Oscar-nominated 'King's Row'?

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