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Can you name the television-related things, given their first 5 Wikipedia links?

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reality series; MTV; self-injuring; stunts; pranks
police procedural; CBS; Bruno Heller; California Bureau of Investigation; homicide
Hal; Fox; situation comedy; Malcolm in the Middle; Walter White
MCJ; Psych; Timothy Omundson; police academy; Anne Dudek
news magazine; CBS; Don Hewitt; TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time; This Hour Has Seven Days
television; Peabody Awards; Academy Awards; film; Tony Award
short film; music; promotional; artistic; marketing
Ph.D.; fictional character; U.S.; Friends; David Schwimmer
television program; television personalities; celebrities; game; high score
sitcom; Chuck Lorre; Bill Prady; CBS; Leonard Hofstadter
satirical; sketch comedy; Not the Nine O'Clock News; Black Adder; Mr. Bean
commercial broadcasting; television network; radio network; GE Building; New York City
First 5 linksAnswer
convenience store; animated television series; The Simpsons; 7-Eleven; Circle K
Simon Cowell; originated in the United Kingdom; Pop Idol; SYCOtv; Leona Lewis
Warner Bros.; animated cartoon; Merry Melodies; animated theatrical series; Sinkin' in the Bathtub
Canadian; Actor; Richard Castle; Castle; Malcolm Reynolds
TV shows; crossword puzzles; Gloria Swanson; Lucille Ball; Desi Arnaz, Jr.
Comedy Central; South Park; soul; Isaac Hayes; elementary school
The Office; Extras; Stephen Merchant; David Brent; Andy Millman
panel game; quiz show; John Loyd; Stephen Fry; Alan Davies
fictional character; Henry Winkler; American; sitcom; Happy Days
premium; cable television; Time Warner; operating subsidiary; United States
character; animated television series; Family Guy; matricide; Seth McFarlane
cable television; 1985; Turner Broadcasting; Cable Music Channel; MTV

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