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Can you choose between the two cities given for every question?

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Which of these cities...AnswerThis or that?
hosted more World Cup 2014 matches?[P]orto Alegre or [F]ortaleza?
has the highest mean temperature?Forta[L]eza or Fort [W]orth?
has a joint metro division with Arlington?[F]ort Worth or [D]allas?
is home to the Texas Intruments HQ?[D]allas or [H]ouston?
is part of a movie quote in the AFI top 100?[H]ouston or [C]asablanca?
is closer to the equator?Ca[S]ablanca or Ca[I]ro?
is closer to the only ancient world wonder still in existence?[C]airo or [A]lexandria, Egypt?
is named after Alexander the Great?Alexandria, [E]gypt or [L]ouisiana?
is older (as an incorporated town)?[A]lexandria, LA or [S]t Petersburg, FL?
has a cathedral named after Saint Peter?St Petersburg, [F]lorida or [R]ussia?
has had more names during its history?[S]t Petersburg, Russia or [M]oscow?
is capital of the country hosting the next FIFA World Cup (2018)?[M]oscow or [D]oha?
lies completely on an island?[D]oha or [M]anama
contains the most of their country's population?Man[A]ma or Man[I]la?
has the highest population density?[M]anila or [D]elhi?

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