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Can you name the bands with a name starting with either 'The G...' or 'The H...'?

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This famous big band was formed by, and named after a jazz musician who went missing in action in WOII (December 1944). The band still exists though.
The biggest hit from this English band was about a waitress in a cocktail bar.
The term rock band would detract from a band (1965-1995) that combined many genres and was known for their on-stage improvisation.
This Jerseyite band is known for their American Slang.
The biggest hit for this Swedish garage rock band so far was 'Hate to Say I Told you So' but their latest hit 'Go right Ahead' seems to be up and coming.
Maybe the solo career of leadsinger Belinda Carlisle (Heaven is a place on Earth) is better known than the the group performance.
Thair biggest hit, 'How You Like Me Now' got famous by a KIA commercial, Driver San Francisco and the movie the Fighter
This band, like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, was part of the British invasion. This band is lesser known but had many hits (like 'The Air that I Breathe')
Guess who I'm talking about if I say that Randy Bachman (from the Turner Overdrive) was a member of this band.
Both Johnny Thunders and Tom Petty had a bend with this name.
This band is famous despite nobody knowing what they look like: their animated clips feature a virtual band in a fictional world.
The biggest hit of this Buffalo band doesn't contain its title in the lyrics ('When everything's meant to be broken/I just want you to know who I am')
Maybe the solo career of leadsinger Belinda Carlisle (as Dottie Danger) is better known than the group performance.
This funk band consisted out 3 Wilson Brothers. It's not the Beach Boys, this band had hits like 'Early in the Morning' and 'Outstanding'.

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