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#01: New ____ City, NY.01
From long ago02
Skin opening03
Sit still for a photograph04
#10: San ____, CA.05
Massachusetts technology company06
Unlively or nagging person07
Tiger utterance08
#15: ____ Worth, TX.09
Place for ships to dock10
Washington's newspaper11
Annoyance or bug, usually both12
Legal currency just south of (rung 14)13
#19: El ____, TX.14
Happening in Spanish (¿Qué ____?)15
US astronomy organization16
#25: ____ville, TN.17
To beat, or (with out) be mad at18
Scottish girl19
Nordic variant of Lawrence20
Animal grease21
#28: (rung 10)____, OR.22
Music group or strap23
Masked Gotham supervillain24
Scrooge or House support25
Shorter than Catherine, like Blanchett26
Repeat someone's exact words27
#29: Oklahoma ____, OK.28
Shame or a feeling of compassion29
Garages along a race track30
Bowling ball target31
With (next rung), a form of table tennis32
Early video game by Atari33
#36: ____ Beach, CA.34
Sole, like wolf or ranger35
Parker Lewis can't do this36
Noun form of the previous rung37
A great amount38
Contraction meaning 'we should...'39
New York MLB team40
#38: ____, AZ.42
Rubbish in a canteen43
Unmarried woman or pageant winner44
Put, like 'en scene' or 'en place'45
Bomb belonging to me46
Partner of cosine and tangent47
#59: River____, CA.48
British soul band known for 'Paradise'49
Temporary discount50
A whiter shade of51
Coffin cover52
#66: Saint ____, MN.53
To manhandle or pummel54
Hawaiian island, pop. 144,50055
African country, pop. 14,517,00056
Indonesian island, pop. 4,220,00057
Italian city, pop. 320,00058
Less common 'Simpsons' boys' name59
More common 'Simpsons' boys' name60
#69: Greens____, NC.61
Irish U2 frontman62
British spy or common link63
Force something in a curve64
Tear something into pieces65
#89: ____, NV.66

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