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Can you name the rhyming rungs in this ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
Firm fat, with next rung
Firm fat, with previous rung
Bird that might nest in forest or park
Male name, like Zuckerberg or Clark
US Truck brand named after founder Jack
Obsidian baggage: Black ____
A rapid choice: Quick ____
A sign with '____ me' is a really old trick
Part of a plan somebody needs to rethink
Water filled space where you can't sink
Gollum's most precious thing
Job description for Bono or Sting
An incorrect ballad: Wrong ____
Descriptor of the Nile or the Mekong
Adjective for someone who's on his own
Where a pine keeps the seeds that it has grown
Tool you could use when your leg has a sprain
What you are if you have a well functioning brain
A purpose for the decisions you make
Non-translucent pastry: Opaque ____
Businessman's paper carrying place
A polygon's side or a polyhedron's face
Fish that can reach a 25 pound (11kg) mass
Positively conclude a class
The time that has already passed
People with this characteristic never finish last
A celebration with many people as guest
What you are when you rank highest in a test
Hint4-Letter Word
What you do with eggs for an omelette before you eat
Place to sit and maybe rest your feet
A beam or pole, but less fat
A pancaked fedora: ____ hat
Mu Beta Kappa or something like that
Mild expletive you might use during a spat
Colorless research facility: ____ lab
Start holding on to, nab
The father of your father is her man
When lacking fiber, eating this is a good plan
Vegetable that can be white, brown or green
A skinny royal female: ____ queen
Option for when all money has been blown
Long and low kind of groan
Nearest celestial object, but unvisible at noon
Muscle to hire when you need something soon
Formal dress that often goes all the way down
Jester city: Clown ____
How clothing might look after having been heavily worn
Poetic word for when a new day is being born
A bigger amount than before
Toward the frontal side relative to the core
In business, the opposite of 'hire'
The number of devices lacking this keeps getting higher
Beverage that's linguistically often paired with 'dine'.
Number of fixed vertebrae in a human spine
Amiable rodents, with next rung
Amiable rodents, with previous rung

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