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Can you tell which events or dates happen(ed) in May?

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Event or special dateDate*
May Day
Start of a term for mayors of NYC
Fiesta de las Cruces
James May is born
Brian May is born
Star Wars (Episode IV) is released
Mother's Day (US/Canada/China...)
Adolf Hitler commits suicide
Germany surrenders (WWII)
2012 end of the Mayan calender cycle
Maya Angelou recites at Bill Clinton's inauguration
Mayweather v. Pacquiao fight
Event or special dateDate*
Release of Devil May Cry for PS2
1620 voyage of the Mayflower
The Battle of Puebla
Richard Hellmann starts selling mayonnaise
Ascension Island is discovered
Easter Island is discovered
150th day of a non-leap year
The Hindenburg disaster
Theresa May becomes Prime Minister of the UK
Arbor Day (US)
Month with the lowest Scrabble score
Louisa May Alcott is born

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