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Can you name the rungs in this uncreative word ladder?

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IDK: I (rung 1) (rung 29)1
Been there ____ that2
Necessity for road and ladder construction3
Center, like in the center of every other WL4
Skin opening and WL middle5
WL word not to be touched with a 10 foot... stick6
Reused words irk 18% of all Sporclers7
Waterfilled location that fills empty rungs8
Hip, like LL J and unlike its use in WLs9
Kink that's no longer a surprising twist10
Dong, Krona, Euro, Yuan, Lira, Yen, etc. etc.11
The adjective of this crop is very appropriate here12
Ripped, part I13
Ripped, part II14
Big book and big time WL filler15
Unoriginal Sporcle players' complaint16
There are 3 or 4 on a fork and 1 in every 2 WLs17
Maths function that functions well in word games18
Synonym of 'hale' and used almost as much as 'hale'19
A piece of glass and a piece of many a WL20
Peel off or shell21
A segment (of the life of every WL maker)22
Savory (cheesy?) kind of pie23
Misdemeanor, like its inclusion in WLs should be24
Variant. To be seen in all kinds of WLs25
Chimney residue and ladder resident26
Well-known wintery nose leakage27
Well-known wintery water congelation28
IDK: I (rung 1) (rung 29)29

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