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The first time the term 'easter egg' was used for a hidden message was in Adventure, a 1979 video game by this company.
This AMC show used many subtle hints to indicate future developments, like a recurring pink Teddy bear missing half a face. Its episodes' titles forsaw a plane crash later on.
Which browser contains such easter eggs like doing a barrel roll or flip (Android version only) or showing a smiley face when a 100th tab is opened?
A painting of naked women looking like a skull by this Spanish painter can be found on the moth covering the face on the poster of Silence of the Lambs.
This 2007 Disney film contains many references as homage to and spoof of many earlier Disney films like the Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella and Mary Poppins.
Two different alien languages, which are both translatable into English, can be found in the background of this animated TV show.
Many easter eggs are to be found in this series of sandbox games by Rockstar North, in which the player is a gangster.
Which famous thriller director is known to star as a cameo appearance in almost all of his own movies?
In RuneScape, in the stronghold of player safety, there is a professor named Henry Jones, who has a cup-like item in his bag. This is a reference to which movie series?
Which CEO forbade the inclusion of easter eggs in his company's software products after that same company had made easter eggs (team photos, e.g.) popular?
Which old cheat code can still be used on some Internet sites, like Google Reader?
Peter Jackson and his daughter both star frequently as cameo appearances throughout this movie series directed by him.
According to Google Maps, to where does one not simply walk (from the Shire)?
What does Google suggest when you search for 'anagram'?
This desktop applications package by Microsoft has contained games like a flight simulator and a spoof of spy hunter (dev hunter) in Excel and Pinball in Word.
Which animation studio has the habit of having their movies show characters or things from one of their other, often upcoming, movies?
In this advanced page layout editor, there was the possibility of summoning aliens.
In this 1975 movie, the easter egg consists out of real easter eggs that can be seen in various locations after the cast had an easter egg hunt and couldn't find all of them.
White aliens, as seen in the first episode of this TV show (in which they probe one of the four main characters), made appearances in the background of many later episodes.
In Google Street View, a police box at Earl's Court tube station can be entered, which will reveal that it is in fact this time traveling device.
Early versions of this Linux operating system (GNOME interface) contained easter eggs related to fish and cows. Later versions deny having these easter eggs.
Tetris can be played on some oscilloscopes, devices that are supposed to measure this unit.
Pink Floyd included a secret message, to be heard when 'backmasked' or played backwards, on the song 'Empty Spaces' of this album.
In all Windows versions before this version, the 3D screensaver would display all US volcanoes when 'volcano' was typed in.
Which Internet site allows you to play 'snake' by pushing the left and up arrow while watching their content?
This early text based computer game can be played in Call of Duty. There is also a spoof of the game on

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