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Can you name the rungs in this corporate word ladder?

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General term for the one in charge1
Tokens of disapproval2
Warner or Mario, e.g.3
Small piece of hair on the body, can be uni4
Distances can be measured the way this bird flies5
What you eat during lunch breaks at work6
To repeatedly bite on a food item7
Supervisor, also South Park character8
Musical key, in Lyon or Manchester9
Door keys, in Lyon or Montréal10
Drinks, might be found on the walls of British pubs11
Ends a contract or takes down a tree12
Former ones, mostly about partners13
Person responsible for a certain task, abbrev.14
Form of the bacteria E. coli15
Made a humming sound16
Stared at17
Vision organs18
Greetings before parting19
What hardworking employees are called: busy ____20
Pieces of sleeping furniture21
What an interested person at an auction does22
To ____ one's [rung 25], to wait23
Difference in sea level24
What work days or weeks measure25
Green citrus fruit26
Former Italian currency27
To terminate the contract with a subordinate28
Information binder mostly found in offices29
To occupy, job openings for example30
Job possibility, with rung 2531
To ____ your weight, e.g. in an office32
Coffin cover33
Showing little pigment34
To remove the outer layer35
Job possibility, with rung 2536
Male red deer37
Stop with current occupation38
Part of a building connecting rooms or offices39
Workplace description from malcontent employee40
Assistant or aide41
Edible seaweed42
Jack of the NFL who ran for US VP43
Non-permanent worker44

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