Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: and a happy new year!

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Can you name the rungs in this end-year word ladder?

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What someone sleighing down a hill might say
To sharpen a knife
Tiny little amount
To have to pass time, before Christmas for example
All I ____ for Christmas is you
To get smaller, especially for the moon
Red or white grape liquor
With ____-out, a correction fluid name
In the companionship of
To have a desire for something, synonym of rung 5
'Bah, humbug' alternative (with next rung)
Fancy, can also describe a Spice
New York, Washington or Jerusalem newspaper
What you better not do when Santa's coming to town
To let something flow into a container like a cup or mug
Have ____self a merry little Christmas
Second person singular plus article (2 words)
In Star Wars, he stars. Luke's trainer, he is.
Unimportant text replacement (3x) like 'blah'
Fresh princess of Bel-Air (first name)?
Gemstone also known as nephrite (variant)
Produced or forced something or someone to action
Female stablemate of a stallion
Mother of Jesus of Nazareth
To have differing values
Extremely, as in 'A ____ special Chrismas'
Color of a Christmas tree or rung 21, to a Frenchman
Pigeon and literature loving Sesame Street character
Bassline part by Dr Dre or non-musical hit by Chris Brown
Someone who has received too many Christmas presents
Someone who might call Santa Claus 'Father Christmas'
Jewish tradition of circumcision of baby boys
'Liar Liar' singer Cab
Jesus' first resting place
Lobster relative
Study excessively in a short amount of time
Street car in Sheffield or Edinburgh
Red or white sox
Earl Grey and Mate
d'Urbervilles' girl
A lot of rubbish
Church service, on december 25 for example

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