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Can you name the things for which a part of their Uncyclopedia article is given?

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Company[Subject] ('the 'free' encyclopedia') is a website that parodies Uncyclopedia. It was founded in 2001, when it began its noble goal of spreading the world's misinformation in the most inconspicuous way possible. For this reason, academic experts strongly urge students not to cite [subject].
CreatureHis Noodliness, [subject] is the ultimate truth in the universe. It is the central point of worship in the religion commonly known as [subject]ism or Pastafarianism, according to which it is The Creator and Overseer, watching our lives and our world, changing them as it sees fit, by use of his most holy noodly appendage.
Occupation[Subject] are a minority ethnic group characterized by their brutal quest for power and manipulation of the majority. Though widely despised by 'the common people', [subject] continue to hold 100% of the power in western industrialized countries such as the US, the UK, and France. With this in mind, many [subject] have made an attempt to disown their native roots and adopt the false persona of a common person, or 'Joe'.
Place[Subject] is the greastest 'stan' in the place kind of near China but the [subject, demonym] people prefer using its Russian name to avoid the 'stan'. The country would have been leaders of the world long ago if it were not for its peculiar traditions. Every Sunday, [subject, demonym] go to church and then have a revolution, destroying all remnants of the current regime and scoring yet another article in the New York Times.
Object[Subject] (abbreviation Sp) is one of the Atomic Elements and for that reason, must never be dropped. Its Atomic Mass Number is 236 (just next to Uranium), although in nature the unstable isotope Sp 325 is much more abundant. The three condensation states of [subject] (solid, liquid and gaseous) are respectively known as [subject] bars, liquid [subject] and [subject] bubbles.
Religion[Subject] is a monounsaturated religion whose followers believe that a white skinned Middle Eastern dude called Jesus aka Christ was nailed to a cross 2000 years ago, and so everything is now going to be OK. Allegedly started in the Year Zero, it remains popular today because it is the only socially acceptable large scale religion for Caucasians, and sometimes you get free bread and wine.
Artform[Subject] is a participatory performance art form enjoyed by the rich but often about the poor. Designed to produce embarrassment among the uninitiated and to be used by the cruel and ignorant to puff up their own insignificant but oversized egos, [subject] draws on the primary elements of theater such as large orchestras, scenery, costumes, and acting.
Object[Subject] is a device that records, stores, and manipulates both still images and eternal souls. Traditionally, [subject] consists of a closed chamber with an open aperture at one end through which the light or soul enters, a sensitive surface to record either target, and an extra-dimensional 'hell portal' into which the resulting products are forever judged and tormented (colloquially known as Facebook).
Movie[Subject] is a 1968 science fiction film, made in a collaboration between Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke. It is notable for lacking dialogue for a considerable duration near the start and towards the end, and for being utterly confusing to people who never read the book. Despite these obstacles, it is widely regarded as one of the best films ever made.
Place[Subject] is the third planet from the star Sol. The planet's most visible intelligent life, known simply as humans, believe that their small ball of rock is in fact the only planet in the entire universe that is inhabited. It is entirely understandable that they would leap to such a ridiculous conclusion considering that Earth's inhabitants have never journeyed anywhere else in the universe.

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