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This is debatably, but widely accepted, the first car ever made.
Because of the new assembly line, this was the first mass-produced car ever.
The longest and most exquisite car of a famously luxurious (and infamously expensive) brand.
This was the first front wheel drive monocoque car, resulting in a revolutionary big luggage compartment.
This early Italian city car shares its name with a big part of its successors (different models).
The longest running car on a single design platform originated from the KDF-program.
The backward slanted rear window was a remarkeable gimmick to this 'American' Brit.
Practical demands like 'being able to transport a basket of eggs without one breaking' shaped this simple French car.
This well-known GM sports car has been a separate brand for a couple of years.
This German was nicknamed flügeltür, after its most recognisable feature.
This luxurious French car was known for its self-leveling suspension.
The name of this iconical British car gives away its size.
Tests in a wind tunnel led to the good looks for which this British roadster is praised.
This was the first 'Gran Turismo Omologata' for the world famous Italian race brand.
The appearance in multiple James Bond movies, as his staff car, bought this car world wide fame.
This German sports car has been evoluating for nearly 50 years, with important submodels like Turbo and Targa.
This creator of the pony car segment is still in production.
First, this was General Lee and the little brother of the Challenger. Nowadays it's a high-performance sedan.
Not any German car, but this one is the best selling car to date.
Because of the oil crisis, this revolutionary compact became a success for this small American make.
This was (and is still) the sucessor of the car in clue 6, and even more successful.
This supermini became the image of all GTI's of the time.
This over-the-top symbol of the 80s starred, not in red, in Miami Vice.
This Italian race car made the scissor doors of its predecessor Countach iconical.
This V10 race car reintroduced its own make to the league of super cars.
This car won the title 'fastest production car' from the Italian car above, and kept it until the McLaren F1 came.
Of the first generation hybrid drive cars, this one is not only one of the first, but also the most popular.
Daimler-Benz, known for its luxury cars, suddenly introduced this tiny car and accompanying brand.
This Bavarian Roadster was visibly the successor of the iconic 50s roadster of the same make.
Volkswagen re-reintroduced a classical Italian race car brand with this 1001 horse-powered super car.

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