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QuestionAnswerFirst Letter and Decade
Future US president John _____ is the first to have another future US president as son.A (1760s)
The British implement the ______ Port Act to close down a harbor following the “Tea Party”.B (1770s)
After a failed attempt to round Canada, survivors of the 3rd voyage of captain James ____ return to the UK.C (1780s)
Feminist Olympe de Gouges writes '___________ of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen'.D (1790s)
Alessandro Volta develops a voltaic pile, the first real ________ battery.E (1800s)
_________ VII regains his position as king of Spain after Napoleon Bonaparte has been driven out.F (1810s)
The short-lived republic known as ____ Colombia is established at the Congress of Cúcuta.G (1820s)
Sam _______ is elected and inaugurated as first president of the Republic of Texas.H (1830s)
In _______, a potato famine breaks out and wipes out 1/5 of the population in 5 years.I (1840s)
Heavily influenced by U.S. pressure, _____ abandons its policy of isolation, opening the country for international trade.J (1850s)
Karl Marx publishes 'Das _______', in which he criticizes the Western economic system and predicts its demise.K (1860s)
Pope ___ XIII (who would eventually become the oldest pope at 93 years of age) is elected.L (1870s)
Karl Benz introduces the first car ever with the Benz patented _____wagen.M (1880s)
________ II succeeds his father as Russian tsar with the first filmed coronation ever.N (1890s)
Bulgaria declares independence from the _______ Empire.O (1900s)
The ratification of the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act usher in the era of ___________.P (1910s)
Erich Maria Remarque publishes his anti-war book 'All _____ on the Western Front'.Q (1920s)
President _________ introduces a social welfare program to battle the economic crisis in his country.R (1930s)
The 'Big 3', including Russian leader Joseph ______, discuss the future of Europe in Yalta.S (1940s)
One year after the PRC's own establishment, China invades _____.T (1950s)
The United Kingdom grants independence to the African nation of ______.U (1960s)
North and South _______ are reunited after a war lasting more than 20 years.V (1970s)
The first Intifada, a Palestinian uprising to gain independence for the ____ Bank and Gaza Strip, begins.W (1980s)
Following his political retirement, Deng ________ tours Southern China to reassert his economic reforms.X (1990s)
The importance of user-generated on-line content is boosted by the creation of video-sharing website _______.Y (2000s)
A new constitution limits the power of future presidents of ________.Z (2010s)

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