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Can you name the African british colony?

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Modern day country or hintColony
Now part of South Africa near the cape
Has an ostrich on its flag with black, red and yellow strips.
Modern day Ghana
Modern day Botswana
Now part of Benin as well
Modern day Zambia
Colony after British East Africa (Modern day Kenya)
Now part of South Africa
Now Southern Nigeria
Modern day Kenya
Now Northern Nigeria
Colonel Gadaffi country
Borders Senegal and begins with S
Now Nigeria (whole country)
Modern day Namibia
Now part of Cameroon and Nigeria
Modern day country or hintColony
Now part of Benin in an african gulf
State that is nearly landlocked near South Africa
Formerly German, Nowadays Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania
Modern day Gambia
Now Equatorial Guinea
Modern day South Africa (whole country)
City on island off Tanzania
Now divided into North and South. Borders Egypt
Modern day Somalia
Now Zimbabwe
Now part of Zambia and Zimbabwe
City in Northern Morocco. Begins with T.
Now Tanzania (exc. Zanzibar)
Modern day Malawi
Modern day Lesoto
Now the country of the pyramids

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