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Harry Old asked which partner if they were new (she meant in terms of to the task we were doing) on our first community day for them to walk out in disgust?
What did Arash get told off for looking at in college?
Who got hit in the face by a table tennis ball on our first day?
Who likes a vegetable sandwich and awkward turltes?
Who did I tell they had a 'small neat bun' for it to be awkwardly misheard?
Who prank called Alex to tell him he had one a years supply of Krispy Kremes?
What vegetable or fruit did Harry Old try and hide in the Karaoke song book at the post community day celebrations?
Who was hailed King due to his bebo profile being discovered by Ansar?
Who featured in Sean Trends Wallet as a photo surrounded by lovehearts, only for him to find it at the till in sainsburys 4 hours later?
How many times did Liv Blake turn her wheel to get out of Harrys driveway after the JV/H&H dinner party

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