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In what year was Apple Inc. founded?Cupertino, California
In what year was the first internet domain name registered?Symbolics.com
How old was Ingvar Kamprad when he founded IKEA?1943
Who was the First Lady during Thomas Jefferson's presidency?USA, 1801 - 1809
In what film did Audrey Hepburn have her first leading role?1953
What country has the oldest national anthem?written between 1568 and 1872
What type of creature was the first to be sent into outer space?by the USA, 1947
Who was the person who made the first 'real' automobile?Germany, 1887
Who took the first photograph?France, 1826
What was the name of the first canine actor to play Lassie?7 MGM films between 1943 and 1951
In what city was the first McDonald's restaurant located? opened 1940
In what US state was the first Walmart opened?1962
In what city did the first recorded indoor ice hockey game take place?1875
What was the original capital of New Zealand?1840 - 1841
In what year did the First World War begin? central Europe
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In what year did the Great Depression begin?lasted 12 years
What was the name of the first newspaper?Rome, 59 B.C.
What was the first album to ever be released on CD?write album followed by artist
Who was the recipient of the first telephone call?1876
In what city is the oldest church in the New World?foundation stone laid by Diego Columbus, 1510
In what year did the first Spongebob episode air?Nickelodeon
How old was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when he composed his first work?1761
In what year were the first Olympic games held?Olympia, Greece, ___ B.C.
On what continent did the Basenji breed of dog originate?name means 'small wild thing from the bush'
In what year was the first Johnny Cash song released?Sun Recordings
What was the name of film's first leading canine?1908
In what year was the first Barbie doll introduced?Toy Fair in New York City
In what city did the musical style 'rap' originate?1970s
In what year was Abercrombie Co. founded?David Abercrombie, Manhattan, New York City

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