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Can you name the things that were discovered/invented by accident?

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Discovered when...Discovery
...a member of a church choir appled a little-known weak adhesive to a bookmark to mark a place in his hymnal.
...Dr. Harry Coover tried to isolate a clear plastic to make precision gun sights.
...researchers at the US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory in Japan cracked a fish tank.
...a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral took his dog out for a walk and returned covered with burrs.
...a pressured cylinder of tetrafluoroethylene failed to discharge properly.
...a waxy substance formed on oil drilling equipment.
...Harry Brearley tried to prevent corrosion in rifle barrels.
...Alexander Fleming accidentally left some culture dishes of the bacteria staphylococci out while going on holiday.
Discovered when...Discovery
...a chocolate bar melted in Percy Lebaron Spencer's pocket as he stood by a megnetron.
...a stall was running out of ice cream dishes at the 1904 Word's Fair.
...George Crum became fed up with a restaurant customer who kept insisting his potatoes were too thick and soggy.
...some boiled wheat went stale after Will Keith Kellogg left it sitting out.
...James Wright dropped boric acid into silicone oil while trying to create a synthetic rubber substitute.
...researcher Constantine Fahlberg spilled a chemical on his hands and forgot to wash them before eating lunch.
...Joseph and Noah McVicker tried to make a wallpaper cleaner.
...1-year-old Frank Epperson tried to make soda pop and left the mixture out on the porch overnight.

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