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God of Inundation/Flooding
Goddess of Childbirth/Fertility
Godess of Pregnant Women/Cats
Godess of Love
God of Evil and Desert Storms
Goddess of War
Waters of Chaos
God of Baboons
God of Crocodiles/Nile
Goddess of Purification
God of the Underworld
Goddess of Writing/Measurements
God of All Creation/Radiance/King of Gods
God of Knowledge/Science
Protector of Mothers/Childbirth/Households/Children
Goddess of the Sky
God of War/Life
God of Embalming/God of the dead
God of Chaos
Goddess of Justice/Balance
God of Air
Goddess of Rivers/Mourning
God of the Moon
God of Craftsmen
Goddess of Motherhood/Harvest/Magic
Godess of Royal Protection
God of the Earth
God of Scarab/Dung Beetles/Rebirth
Godess of Frogs
Goddess of Scorpions
God of Medicine
Goddess of Moisture/Morning Dew
God of the Potters Wheel

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