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Forced Order
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No, my friend. That's not crazy. Questioning my sanity when I'm in earshot, that's crazy.Awakening (Part 1)
I have been denied everything--even my revenge!Awakening (Part 2)
Now, once again, what are you doing here? And please, don't fall off the building this time.Awakening (Part 3)
I saw her a year ago and was so impressed I acquired her for my private collection. Then after I woke you up, it seemed plausible a trip to the castle might have the same effect.Awakening (Part 4)
Humanity is a poison that must be purged from this planet.Awakening (Part 5)
I thought they were the good guys. Maybe we shouldn't believe everything we see on television.The Thrill of the Hunt
They can't share their own homes without fighting, and you think they will share their world with us?Temptation
Our guess is one of Dracon's men broke into [Elisa's] apartment and shot her with her own gun. Dracon might have even done it himself.Deadly Force
I'm afraid I can't allow this. This book is the property of Mr. Xanatos.Enter MacBeth
I was a little worried that I might be getting soft. But I was able to stand up against Goliath, the greatest warrior alive. I'd say I've still got the edge.The Edge
You've just been poisoned. In 24 hours, you'll be dead. I have the antidote. Tell Goliath I'll be at the Old Opera House in the Village.Long Way to Morning
[Xanatos] told me to tell you. He doesn't have to hide his plans from you. There's not a thing you can do to stop him. He's the most brilliant man on the face of the earth.Her Brother's Keeper
I don't remember any explosions in Bambi.Reawakening
Nietzsche is too butch, and Kafka reminds me of your little friends over there.Leader of the Pack
I was particularly proud of my death scene.Metamorphosis
It's called RECAP, reconnaissance emergency cyber-automated probe.Legion
Books are lighthouses erected in the dark sea of time.A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time
Did you say THAT human or that HUMAN? Oh, never mind. I'll figure it out.The Mirror
You made one mistake, Dracon. You messed with my partner. When someone messes with your partner, you're suppose to do something about it.The Silver Falcon
We're genetically compatible, highly intelligent, and have the same goals.Eye of the Beholder
I am indeed a self-made man.Vows
It's getting late. Now, tired people make mistakes. Let's stop right here before someone gets hurt.City of Stone (Part 1)
There will always be a Hunter, my son. And there will always be the hunted.City of Stone (Part 2)
Demona's broadcast came from Pack Media Studios. You own it, so as usual, you are behind it.City of Stone (Part 3)
[Demona] betrayed MacBeth; it was only a matter of time before she would have betrayed us. Good thing we had the rest of her clan destroyed as well.City of Stone (Part 4)
I used a spell from the Grimorum to shield us from prying eyes at the clock tower and at the park. But why did we steal these things? And how did we even know where to find them?High Noon
I built this company for you. I'd have give this company to you already if you hadn't marry that villain Xanatos. I'd probably still give it you if you'd stand up and ask me for itOutfoxed
You mean to dunk me in that oversized chamber pot?The Price
The Cabal is designed to decimate one's grip on reality. Once your defenses are down, we step in and strip your mind of its most precious memories and darkest secrets.Revelations
Do you even know how to laugh maniacally?Double Jeopardy
You were my second, and I passed the job to you. There's no point in going backwards, not when you have three young hot warriors to choose from.Upgrade
How did a noted criminal such as yourself stay out jail? Power, money, good lawyers.Protection
Now remember what I told you: No matter how much he's changed on the outside, he's still Derrick on the inside.The Cage
Time passes differently on Avalon. For every hour spent there, one day goes by in the real world.Avalon (Part 1)
What have you achieved? You beat up a beach.Avalon (Part 2)
No one threatens my eggs!Avalon (Part 3)
You sent us to our deaths, Goliath, and now, you'll help us live again.Shadows of the Past
The first thing I do when we hit Manhattan is buy a nice fat hot dog from the guy on the corner.Heritage
The tests are incontrovertible. You not only belong to Goliath's clan, he's your biological father. You are his very own flesh and stone.Monsters
Prague seems about as friendly as New York.Golem
Goliath! New York is your protectorate. Paris belongs to me.Sanctuary
How could this be possible? In 1940, I was frozen in stone hibernation.MIA
We have to take a closer look at that. It looks like the world's biggest gargoyle.Grief
I see you managed to incorporate your handicap quite nicely.Kingdom
The time of the gathering approaches. Oberon wants his children to return to Avalon. But know this: I will not return. I like it here.The Hound of Ulster
There's another kind of order--law and order. Hey, now there's something you'd be real good at!Walkabout
All children demand special treatment at times. It's natural, and Angela is the only hatchling with you.Mark of the Panther
You want to play rough? Come play with me!Pendragon
The sun! The most glorious sun! I've dreamed of feeling its golden warmth.Eye of the Storm
Goliath, in all the excitement, I didn't even notice. It's daylight and you're not stone.The New Olympians
Manhattan, Egypt, now Guatemala. Must Goliath follow us everywhere?The Green
I cannot believe you pulled the trigger on me!Sentinel
I have always greeted the dawn facing out--in the direction from which trouble might come.Bushido
It's my first real stab at cliche villainy. How am I doing?Cloud Fathers
And now, my lady-wife, now it is time for the gathering.Ill Met by Moonlight
In less than a minute, all the world will belong to me.Future Tense
One: Energy is energy whether generated by science or socerery. Two: Oberon is vulnerable to iron. His magic is powerless aganist it.The Gathering (Part 1)
I loved being Owen, but I hated working for Anastasia & Renard. Sweet kids but boring.The Gathering (Part 2)
I don't want nobody firing off Mr. Carter except for me.Vendettas
Oh, and another thing, stop calling me Angie!Turf
Demona's love for you is the first goodness she has shown in a long, long time. For her, it may have been a new beginning. A new beginning for us all.The Reckoning
I live for subterfuge!Possession
Maza, I'm reassigning you to day shift for a while. I need you to show a new transfer the ropes.Hunter's Moon (Part 1)
For 1,000 years, they've hunted me. Why, I have no idea.Hunter's Moon (Part 2)
Goliath just saved the world. More important, he saved my son. The least I can do is reinstate his clam to their ancestoral home.Hunter's Moon (Part 3)
I know you and I got off on the wrong foot, but now that we're all living under the same torrents, I'd like to start over.The Journey
It's a strange human ritual, this politics. Did gargoyles ever chose leaders this way?Ransom
Stop treating me like a hatchling!Runaways
Broadway is about to find out just how cool this town can be.Broadway Goes To Hollywood
I'm sorry, but you know how Bronx loves trains. I just never thought we'd get in trouble just watching them.A Bronx Tail
It wasn't hard to figure out. Late night visits only, your accent, that smell.The Dying of the Light
I got a call from Xanatos on the way over. He's offered to get you the best legal talent in the country.And Justice For All
As I suspected, I should be able to formulate a serum to save them assuming I can extract the maximum amount of genetic material from all of you.Genesis Undone
To truly change or redeem oneself is terribly difficult. Some work their entire lives and never manage.Generations
Sorry to cut short your reunion, but frankly, I'm getting bored.For It May Come True
All of our efforts to make the humans accept us--destroyed.To Serve Mankind
Trust between friends is a fragile gift, built upon a mercurial foundation of instinct, sentiment, and hope. Yet without it, life becomes bitter and barren.Seeing Isn't Believing
It is my duty, no, my privilege, to announce the people's charges aganist these noble cr...these noble beings have been dropped.Angels in the Night

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