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SerialOdd One OutExplanation
The Moonbase / The Myth Makers / The Time Meddler / Galaxy 4
Meglos / Black Orchid / The Enemy of the World / Dragonfire
Inferno / The Five Doctors / The War Games / The Deadly Assassin
The Green Death / The Dalek Invasion of Earth / Robot / Mindwarp
The Curse of Fenric / Remembrance of the Daleks / Warriors of the Deep / The Leisure Hive
Genesis of the Daleks / The Sea Devils / The Daemons / Doctor Who and the Silurians
The Chase / Planet of Fire / Earthshock / The Daleks' Master Plan
An Unearthly Child / The Power of the Daleks / The Keeper of Traken / The Twin Dilemma
Enlightenment / The Talons of Weng-Chiang / Revelation of the Daleks / Warriors' Gate
The Five Doctors / Battlefield / Frontier in Space / The Space Museum
Black Orchid / The Crusade / The War Games / Marco Polo
Enlightenment / An Unearthly Child / Nightmare of Eden / Terror of the Vervoids
The Daleks / Planet of the Daleks / Death to the Daleks / Genesis of the Daleks
The Mark of the Rani / The Gunfighters / The Time Warrior / The Romans
Silver Nemesis / Frontios / The Hand of Fear / The Rescue
The Mutants / The Android Invasion / The Five Doctors / The Two Doctors
Castrovalva / Time-Flight / The King's Demons / Planet of Fire
Remembrance of the Daleks / The Dominators / The War Machines / The Awakening
Spearhead from Space / The Ambassadors of Death / The Claws of Axos / Planet of the Spiders
Underworld / The Ribos Operation / The Stones of Blood / The Armageddon Factor

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