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DescriptionCharacterActor/Actress (and Season(s))
Druid who was friends with Mordred and helped Morgana when she went searching for answers after using magicColin Salmon (Season 2)
Arthur's uncle on his mother's sideNathaniel Parker (Season 4)
white dragon that Merlin helped hatch and later healed Morganan/a
wizard who discovered Emrys's true identity but refused to tell MorganaGary Lewis (Season 4)
She was in love with Gaius but was under the control of a manticorePauline Collins (Season 3)
He wished to start a war between Camelot and Olaf's kingdomDavid Schofield (Season 2)
persuaded Morgana to steal the Crystal of NeathidJoseph Mawle (Season 2)
keeper of the unicornsFrank Finlay (Season 1)
queen of a village who swore vengeance on Arthur after the death of CaerleonLindsay Duncan (Season 4)
the witchfinderCharles Dance (Season 2)
Merlin is servant to this person.Bradley James (Season 1-4)
one of the cooks of CamelotZee Asha (Season 4)
Sidhe who has a daughter and killed another SidheKenneth Cranham (Season 1)
Merlin's fatherJohn Lynch (Season 2)
king of MerciaClive Russell (Season 1)
knight that is killed by the Questing Beastn/a
husband of Queen AnnisSteve Hartley (Season 4)
the gatekeeper to the spirit worldGemma Jones (Season 4)
name that Nimueh chose when she went undercover as a maidservantMichelle Ryan (Season 1)
troll who married UtherSarah Parish (Season 2)
tried to become Arthur's manservant so that he could gain access to the keys to unlock the treasure beneath CamelotMackenize Crook (Season 2)
king who rules over Ealdor (among other places) and who is friends with MorgauseTom Ellis (Season 3)
greatest sorcerer that Camelot ever knew, died prior to the series but had a mission to defeat deathMackenize Crook (Season 2)
one of two thugs who killed knights to take their place in the meleeAndrew Vincent (Season 3)
fought Arthur on orders of Queen Annis to avenge her husband's deathRobert Maillet (Season 4)
Valiant got his snake shield from this man whom he proceeded to kill.Andy Linden (Season 1)
name that Merlin gave to himself when he became an aged sorcererColin Morgan (Season 3, 4)
woman who first informed Arthur about the DorochaKatie Moore (Season 4)
the second of two thugs who killed knights to take their place in the meleeShend (Season 3)
sorcerer who had a burned face and was beheaded by a swordJulian Rhind-Tutt (Season 1)
princess who was part SidheGeorgia King (Season 3)
Guinevere's brotherAdetomiwa Edun (Season 3-4)
female who worked with AlvarrEmily Beecham (Season 2)
one of two knights who planned to enter the melee but was killed by a thugPhilip Brodie (Season 3)
The name of the man Anhora created to test Arthur after Arthur killed a unicornRichard Riddell (Season 1)
He worked in a tavern, The Rising Sun, and had a miraculous recovery because of Alice.Calum MacPherson (Season 3)
knight who was killed by a snake; fought Valiant in a tournamentKeith Thorne (Season 2)
king who gave Merlin water from the lake of AvalonDonald Sumpter (Season 3)
In 'The Nightmare Begins', Merlin visited her to see if she knew where the Druids lived. She was charged with consorting with the Druids.Beth Cordingly (Season 2)
cursed to become a bastet every night, fell in love with MerlinLaura Donnelly (Season 2-3)
Myror's informant within CamelotMike Goodenough (Season 2)
Merlin lives with this person who is also a sorcerer.Richard Wilson (Seasons 1-4)
The Gleeman's assistantPhil Holden (Season 4)
court historian, performs wedding ceremoniesMichael Cronin (Seasons 1-4)
Arthur's replacement service for Merlin whom Arthur can't standLeander Deeny (Season 4)
young man who has magic and entered a tournament in 'The Sorcerer's Shadow'Harry Melling (Season 3)
He was part of Arthur's birthday celebrations and gave him an apple with a sedative on itPhil Davis (Season 4)
Elena's father who was friends with UtherSimon Williams (Season 3)
This person was believed to be Morgana's fathern/a
Edwin's father, burned during the Great Purgen/a
DescriptionCharacterActor/Actress (and Season(s))
Lady Helen's assistantGary Oliver (Season 1)
a dwarf who guarded a bridge that led to the Fisher King's realmWarwick Davis (Season 3)
pixie nanny to Princess ElenaMiriam Margoyles (Season 3)
Arthur's love interest for most of the seriesAngel Coulby (Seasons 1-4)
knight who believes titles mean nothingEoin Macken (Season 3-4)
bounty hunter who captured FreyaRichard Ridings (Season 2)
Mary Collins killed this singer and transformed into herEve Myles (Season 1)
warlord who helped Morgana take over CamelotTerrence Maynard (Season 4)
ruthless leader who wished to kidnap Morgana; killed by wilddeorensJames Cosmo (Season 2)
Merlin's motherCaroline Faber (Season 1, 4)
Uther's wife who died prior to the start of the seriesAlice Patten (Seasons 2-3)
Druid who was present when Arthur returned Mordred to his people; later helped revive Sir LeonTrevor Sellers (Seasons 1, 3, 4)
female smuggler Merlin & Arthur met while on the run from MorganaMiranda Raison (Season 4)
Edwin's mother, burned during the Great Purgen/a
slave trader who captured Gwaine, Arthur, and MerlinRalph Ineson (Season 3)
assistant to the troll who wished to marry UtherAdam Godley (Season 2)
pupil of Gaius who helped find a tomb which contained the last dragon eggJames Callis (Season 4)
He raided Ealdor in hopes of getting their provisions.Alexander Siddig (Season 1)
name of the Great DragonJohn Hurt (voice) (Seasons 1-4)
a commoner who wished to be a knight; sacrificed himself to stop the DrochaSantiago Cabrera (Seasons 1-4)
knight, not based on a character in Arthurian legend, first appeared in 'The Once and Future Queen'Rupert Young (Seasons 2-4)
the first villain seen in 'Merlin'Eve Myles (Season 1)
This villager of Ealdor was killed to send a message to the other villagers of Ealdor.Jonathan Aris (Season 1)
He poisoned Morgana.Colin Morgan (Seasons 1-4)
princess of Gedref's land who Arthur was in love with in 'The Hunter's Heart'Janet Montgomery (Season 4)
young Druid boy who has a relationship with MorganaAsa Butterfield (Seasons 1-2)
formerly the king's ward, later revealed to be his daughterKatie McGrath (Seasons 1-4)
She was smuggled out of Camelot by Gaius and is related to MorganaEmilia Fox (Seasons 2-4)
the most feared assassin, who tried to kill ArthurAdrian Lester (Season 2)
conjured the Black Knight, poisoned a chalice Merlin drank, sent an Afanc to CamelotMichelle Ryan (Season 1)
king who sent an assassin to kill ArthurFintan McKeown (Season 2)
Vivian's overprotective fatherMark Lewis Jones (Season 2)
another of the two knights who planned to enter the melee but was killed by a thugJohn Hopkins (Season 3)
first knight to fight the Black KnightKyle Redmond-Jones (Season 1)
second knight to fight the Black KnightSean Francis (Season 1)
traveled with Lancelot and helped join other people in retaking CamelotTom Hopper (Season 3, 4)
the daughter of the Sidhe whose staff Merlin tookHolliday Grainger (Season 1)
ancient sorcerer who led Merlin to the crystal caveKarl Johnson (Season 3)
sorcerer who used the Mage StoneCal Macaninch (Season 1)
Guinevere's fatherDavid Durham (Season 1)
Alined's assistantKevin Eldon (Season 2)
male smuggler Merlin & Arthur met while on the run from MorganaBen Daniels (Season 4)
full name of the true identity of the Black KnightRick English / Christopher Fairbank (voice) (Season 1)
Arthur's fatherAnthony Head (Seasons 1-4)
knight with a magical snake shieldWill Mellor (Season 1)
spirits of the brooks and streams who protected Lancelot and Merlin when Merlin was injured by the DorochaSarah Beck Mather (Season 4)
Alined put a spell on Arthur and this female so they would be in love.Georgia Moffett (Season 2)
Gorlois's wife with whom Uther had an affairn/a
Merlin's best friend when he lived in EaldorJoe Dempsie (Season 1)
Arthur planned to have this man fight for him when Arthur believed his knights were letting him winAlex Price (Season 2)

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