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Can you give the generally accepted start and end dates of the dynasties of China?

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Dynasty | 'Translation'DatesLength
Xī Jìn | 'Western [ducal title]'
Chūn Qiū | 'Spring and Autumn Period'
Chén | 'Trần'
Qín | 'Qín'
Bĕi Sòng | 'Northern Sòng'
Wǔ Dài Shí Guó | 'Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms'
Nán Sòng | 'Southern Sòng'
Xī Hàn | 'Western Hàn'
Sān Guó | 'Three Kingdoms'
Xī Xià | 'Western Xià'
Dōng Jìn | 'Eastern [ducal title]'
Jīn | 'Gold'
Dà Lǐ Guó | 'Kingdom of Dali'
Xīn | 'New'
Dynasty | 'Translation'DatesLength
Liáo | 'Vast' or 'Iron'
Shāng | 'Shāng'
Dōng Hàn | 'Eastern Hàn'
Qīng | 'Pure'
Míng | 'Bright'
Zhàn Guó | 'Warring States Period'
Dōng Zhōu | 'Eastern Zhōu'
Suí | '[ducal title]'
Hú | 'Hồ'
Nán Běi Cháo | 'Southern and Northern'
Yuán | 'Great' or 'Primacy'
Xià | 'Summer'
Táng | '[ducal title]'
Xī Zhōu | 'Western Zhōu'

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