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Scarlett throws a vase and it hits the fireplace after fighting with Ashley.1939: Clark Gable
The fireplace is used as an optical illusion to represent the main character signing away control over his empire and to now be dwarfed by everything around him.1941: Orson Welles
The main character is sitting next to the fireplace when he gets his toy gun.1983: Peter Billingsley
Kevin decorates the fireplace and tree by himself.1990: Macaulay Culkin
After Alan is sucked into the game, a hoard of bats comes out of the chimney and attacks Sarah.1995: Robin Williams
The head lawyer of a law firm lecures a new hire about God in front of a fireplace.1997: Al Pacino
A fireplace is shown with items falling off of it as Mr. Andrews stands in the now slanted room aboard a sinking ship.1997: Leonardo DiCaprio
A ransom note is read in front of a fireplace.1998: Jeff Bridges
Morpheus presents Neo with the red and blue pills in front of a fireplace.1999: Keanu Reeves
The main character enters and leaves through the fireplace, stealing gifts.2000: Jim Carrey
The wizards use the fireplaces in the floo network.2001: Daniel Radcliffe
A lover's quarrel about ruining careers to be together takes place in front of a fireplace.2002: Hayden Christensen
The group burns the books of the library in the giant fireplace to survive the cold.2004: Dennis Quaid
A farewell party and heated discussion take place in front of a fireplace.2007: David Lee Smith
Collins, the main character, lives in a room behind a fireplace.2012: Johnny Depp

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