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Can you name the Dragon Ball Characters (Original to Super)?

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Smaller Version of Cell
Galactic Overlord
Teaches Goku the Kaio-ken and the Spirit Bomb
The Dragon Summoned with the Namekian Dragon Balls
Came from the Future to Stop the Androids
Goku's Father
An Evil Wizard
Destroyed by Vegeta's Big Bang Attack
A Member of Cooler's Armored Squadron
The Demon King
The Strongest Fighter From Universe 7 Who Beerus Has Ever Fought
Explodes Trying to Kill Nappa
The God of Destruction (7th Universe)
A Member of Cooler's Armored Squadron
Goku's Second Child
Lost to Nam in the World Tournament
Vegeta's Former Rival
Master Shen's Brother
The Three-Star Dragon
The Daughter of Bulma and Vegeta
The Son of Bulma and Vegeta
The Dragon Summoned with the Black Star Dragon Balls
Former Student of Crane School
Resurrects Frieza and is Killed by Him
One of Frieza's Right-Hand Men
A Member of Bojack's Crew
Videl and Gohan's Daughter
A Robot From Universe 6
Member of the Pilaf Gang
The Grand Elder of Namek
Vegeta's Brother
Can Stop Time
A Dog
A Demon in Other World
Goku's Wife
A Member of the Ginyu Force
One of Frieza's Right-Hand Men
Leader of thr Ginyu Force
The Supreme Kai
Potara Fusion of Kibito and Supreme Kai
The God of Destruction (6th Universe)
The Pure Form of Majin Buu
Frieza's Brother
Sent to the Dead Zone
Eats the Fruit from The Tree of Might
Main Protagonist
Works For Korin
Final Antagonist in GT
The Demon God
Awakened by Bibidi
The Shapeshfitng Pig
Member of the Pilaf Gang
Goku's Brother
An Incarnate of Kid Buu
The Daughter of Krillin and Android 18
The Cat in the Tower
The Fusion of Majin Buu and Uub
King Kai's Pet Monkey
Vegeta's Father
Frieza's Father
Fusion of Goku and Vegeta
The 15th Android
Battles Goku in the Other World Tournament
Yamcha's Shapeshifting Friend
The 14th Android
A Yellow Alien From Universe 6
Goku's Adoptive Grandfather
Creator of the Androids
A Super Namek
Goku's Mentor
The One-Star Dragon
Prince of the Saiyans
Former Guardian of Earth
The 13th Android
A Clone of Broly
Android 18's Brother
The horned soldier in Frieza's invasion force upon Earth
Defeated Ranfan in the World Tournament
Goku's First Child
Goku's Best Friend
The Smelliest Fighter on Earth
Awakened Majin Buu
Potara Fusion of Vegeta and Goku
Champa's Teacher
Summons the Shadow Dragons
Transforms into a Golden Great Ape
Created by Towa
Dabura's Sister
Supreme Kai's Assistant
Space Pirate
Gohan's Wife
The Dragon Summoned with the Dragon Balls
The Seven-Star Dragon
A Saiyan From Universe 6
The 'World's Strongest'
The 'Fastest Being in the Universe'
Krillin's Wife
Absorbs Piccolo Gotenks and Gohan
Leader of the Pilaf Gang
Bulma's Mother
A Fighter From Universe 6
The Five-Star Dragon
The Fusion of Hell Fighter 17 and Android 17
Resurrects Frieza
A Former Bandit
The Mentor of Beerus
Works at Capsule Corp.
Has a Split Personality
Henchmen of Vegeta and Nappa
The Guardian of Earth
The Guardian's Assistant
Broly's Father
Syncs with Piccolo
Loves Nature
A Member of Cooler's Armored Squadron
Bulma's Father
Was Sealed in the Z-Sword
Second in Command of the Ginyu Force
Rules Other World
The Four-Star Dragon
Vegeta's Former Accomplice
Robot Version of Cooler
The Two-Star Dragon
The Fusion of Goten and Trunks
The Evil Version of Kami
The Galactic Patrolman
A Robot Designed to Destroy the Saiyans
A Grasshopper
The Six-Star Dragon
The Master of Crane School
One of Frieza's Henchmen
The Son of King Piccolo
A Turtle
Chi-Chi's Father

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