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Which SEC school saw its students labeled 'least likely to hit the books' in 2001 by The Princeton Review? 
What is the only New England state without a sea coast? 
What Asian nation is home to K-2, the world's second highest peak? 
What nation led the world in murdered journalists in the 1990s? 
What European nation boasted both the world's most productive workers and the world's shortest workweek in the 1990s? 
Sound and Screen
What was the top rated daytime TV gameshow every year from 1980 through 2000? 
What rapper boasts a tattoo on his stomach that reads, 'KIM: ROT IN PIECES'? 
What cartoon characters stand 'three apples high'? 
Who played a recovering alcoholic in Bounce a year before checking into rehab himself? 
Which of the South Park kids was treated to an alien anal probe during the show's first season? 
What method of execution did Utah's John Taylor choose in 1996, hoping to 'make his death as difficult for the state as possible'? 
What presidential candidate did Ron Reagan Jr. say was 'probably the least qualified person ever to be nominated by a major party'? 
What nation installed Kim Campbell as its first female Prime Minister, in 1993? 
Who was Bruce Oldfield designing maternity duds for when he paused to note: 'The bump I was trying to hide could be the future king'? 
What was the Soviet Union's Committee for State Security better known as? 
Arts & Literature
Which of the X-Men was ordered by Marvel Comics' chief editor to quit smoking, in 2001? 
How many people other than Oprah Winfrey appeared on the cover of O in its first year? 
What novelist explained his gruesome tastes: 'I have the heart of a small boy---I keep it in a jar on my desk'? 
What 19th-century poet did the American Journal of Psychiatry belatedly diagnose as bipolar and agoraphobic, in 2001? 
What Stan Lee creation filled comic book shop shelves for 37 years before reaching the big screen in 1999? 
Science & Nature
What does DSL stand for? 
What was the first nation to offer regular high-definition TV broadcasts in 1989? 
What age milestone qualifies you to be a 'super-centenarian'? 
How many out of every seven cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. were performed on women, in 2001? 
How many gallons of water does the average US resident use in a day? 
Sports & Leisure
Whose 1993 death from AIDS inspired Magic Johnson to note: 'His loss is a loss for all of us'? 
What word was excised from the jerseys of major league baseball's Tampa Bay franchise in 2001? 
What board game's governing body agreed to drug testing of competitors in 2001, in hopes of qualifying as an Olympic sport? 
Who was said to have killed a lion with a spear at the age of 15, before leaving home for the relative calm of the NBA? 
Who bid adieu to the NBA in 1999, without making good on his promise to strip naked in his final game? 

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