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Can you name the Where is Carmen Sandiego: a US Geography Challenge?

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Forced Order
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Acme detectives have chased Carmen to the Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills, to which state have they gone?
Acme agents found a piece of paper with a single word 'Dirigo', if they looked in the list of State mottos; to which state would the clue lead them?
Carmen is laying low in the Okefenokee Swamp, in which state is she hiding?
While looking for a statue for her front yard Carmen lifted the Statue of John Henry from Talcott in which State?
If Carmen Sandiego is attempting to steal Babe Ruth's Bat from the Baseball Hall of Fame, in which state is she?
If Carmen has stolen electic street from the city of Wabash, the first state to have them, where is she?
Carmen decided'Spike' the world's most complete stegosaurus would look great in her living room. To which state is she heading?
Carmen Sandiego has hidden herself among the animals in the America's first Zoo. In which state is she?
Carmen's next caper will take her to the state in which the ice cream cone was invented for the 1904 World's Fair. Where is She?
Detectives caught a break, Carmen tried to make off with Santa's sleigh but found out he lives at the actual North Pole and not the city of North Pole in this State.
Agents Zach and Ivy have hacked Carmen's GPS and found cities like Cookietown, Loco, Forty-One and Bushyhead which means she's in which state?
Carmen is stealing Dinosaur bones from Ghost Ranch, the same area Georgia O'Keeffe painted landscapes. In which is she?
The clue Carmen left you is a ticket from the nation's first Mini Golf Course in Fayetteville, which state is she visiting?
Carmen decided to rip a world famous secret recipe from The Harland Sanders Café and Museum, in what state is she?
Witnesses heard Carmen talking about going to the sight of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Where is she going?

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