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Can you name these famous people from the Bible?

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Was Swallowed by a Whale
Created the World in Seven Days
Father of James and John
Son of God, Rose from the Dead
Daughter in Law of Naomi
Led the Israelites against Jericho
Was Spoken to by God through a Burning Bush
Virgin Mother of Jesus
Slew the Giant Goliath
First Person
Thrown to the Lions
Andrew's Brother who was also called Simon
Female Judge over Israel
Wrote the Book of Revelation
Built an Ark
Jesus Raised him from the dead
Son of Saul, Best Friend of David
Mother of Cain and Abel
Jacob's Hairy Brother
Wrote the Majority of the books in the New Testemant
She married King Xerxes of Persia
Was Taken up in a Chariot of Fire
Prostitute who hid the Israelite spies

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