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Hi, I am the American inventor of the systolic blood pressure test who was also a psychologist, and creator of Wonder Woman
Hi, I am the Scottish inventor who along with my neighbor Meegan Bundries conducted experiments which contributed to my 1816 invention of the kaleidoscope.
Hi, I am the German inventor of the moveable type printing press. The first book printed - The Bible
Hi, I am the Canadian inventor who invented Basketball in Massachusetts
Hi. I am the Belgian inventor whose namesake musical instrument was played by such musicians as Clarence Clemons and Kenny G.
Hi, I am the American inventor whose Presidential Career could not stop me from cranking out the Swivel Chair.
Hi, I am the American inventor whose invention of the Windshield Wiper blade has made driving a lot better for everyone.
Hi, I am the American inventor who was the first African-American woman to receive a U.S. patent for my folding cabinet bed.
Hi, I am the American inventor known as 'The Father of Radio Control' with over 400 patents including single dial radio tuning
Hi, I am the Hungarian inventor whose namesake cube has left people puzzled for decades
Hi, I am the American inventor of the Taser, a stunning invention.

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