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What is the name of the country that the game takes place in?
What is Sheldon's first name?
What is the last name of the character you play as?
Name the special material that can only be found in this country.
Who is the ruler of the country in the game?
Name the three main 'tools' you have at your disposal at all times. (1)
What is the name of the first mission?
What do you need to call in a Rebel Drop?
How many settlements are there to liberate?
How many regions are there in the game?
Give the name of Rico's friend who you meet in the first mission.
Where was Rico born?
What is the game rated?
Can you go underwater? (Y,N)
Name the company who developed the game.
Name the company that published the game.
What are the toughest enemies called?
What was Rico when he was younger?
What do you land in during the first mission after your plane is shot down?
Name the group that you join in the game.
Which weapon do you unlock by visiting all of the Ancient Tombs?
What month of 2015 did the game come out in?
What day did it come out on?

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