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Can you name the codenames for the operations of World War II described?

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Operation DescriptionOperationDates
Evacuation of around 346 000 British French and Belgium troops from the beachs at Dunkirk27th May - 3rd Jun 1940
The cancelled operation to Invade the British Isles, thwarted during the Battle of BritainPlanned for September 1940
First Major allied offensive in North Africa pushing Italian forces back through Libya8th Dec 1940 - 9th Feb 1941
German Invasion of the Soviet Union with over 4 million troops22nd Jun - 5th Dec 1941
Axis Battle to reach Moscow but are defeated by the Red Army and harsh conditions2nd Oct 1941 - 7th Jan 1942
British Commandos carry out 'the Greatest Raid of all' crippling the dry docks at St Nazaire28th March 1942
The US led project to develop Nuclear Weapons1942-1945
The ill-fated attack on Stalingrad that proved pivotal to the outcome of the war17th Jul 1942 - 2nd Feb 1943
The Allied invasion of French North Africa8th - 16th Nov 1942
Soviet counter-offensive encircling the German 6th Army in Stalingrad19th - 23rd Nov 1942
The Dambuster raids on German dams in the Ruhr and Eder Valleys16 -17 May 1943
Operation DescriptionOperationDates
Operations to cover the planned invasion of Italy including planting fake 'top secret' plans to be discovered1943
The US campaign to neutralise the Japanese base at Rabaul, New Guinea1943 - 1945
The amphibious and airborne allied invasion of Sicily9th Jul - 17 Aug 43
The RAF attack against long ranged German WeaponsAug 1943 - May 1945
Behind enemy lines operations of the Chindits 'special force' in Japanese occupied Burma1943- 1944
Landing of US troops on the Treasury (Solomon) Islands27th Oct - 12th Nov 1943
The D-Day Landings in Normandy6th Jun - 25 Aug 1944
The Red Army drives back Axis forces out of Belarus and East Poland22nd Jun - 19 Aug 1944
The allied landings of 200 000 troops in South France, as many troops as landed in on D-Day15th Aug 1944
The largest airborne operation in history, attempting to take control of Brideways across the Netherlands to Arnhem, limited success but Arnhem proved a bridge too far17th - 25th Sep 1944
US forces' capture of Iwo Jima and raise the flag on top of Mount Suribachi19 Feb - 26th March 1945

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