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Can you name the RHS Electron Orbital

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What is the electron configuration for silicon?
Which has a higher ionization energy? C or F?
What orbital is filled after the 4s?
Can any two electrons have the same four quantum numbers? Yes/No
The Magnetic quantum number describes the specific subshell that the electron resides in. Yes/No
Which orbital looks like a set of dumbbells? s/p/d/f
How many electrons can the d orbital hold?
What is the electron configuration for Calcium?
Which has a lower ionization energy? F or Cl
What does the azimuthal quantum number describe? (one word)
How many values of spin can an electron have?
Electron affinity is the energy given off by an addition of an electron. True/False
How many distinct d orbitals are there?
Which orbital is shaped like a sphere?
Bonus! What orbital is filled after the 7s?

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