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Puzzle DescriptionName
Dodecahedron, subdivided into star pattern
Dodecahedron, 'corners only' version of the answer to the above question
'Original' Twisty Puzzle
The latest creation from Verdes Innovations
The 'largest' dodecahedral puzzle, being the dodecahedral equivalent of a 9x9x9
Currently the 'largest' commercially available dodecahedron
Largest value for 'N' in the 3x3xN cuboid category (including customs)
Largest value for N in the 1x2xN cuboid category (including customs)
New Twisty Puzzles club
Truncated Dino Cube
Technical name for a cube whose corners have been truncated to an equal degree to create a 14-sided puzzle
CAD program named after an animal
Term for attaching two or more pieces together on a puzzles in order to restric movement and create a different solving experience
One of the 6 first 'new' puzzles of 2010
Official timer used in World Cubing Association competitions
One Puzzle a Month until the End of 2010 promotion by this company
Common suffix for CAD program files
Tetrahedral variant of the 3x3 with the SAME mechanism (just different shaped pieces)
The world record for the 3x3 rounded up to the closest multiple of 5
The most popular 'speed' method for the 3x3
Folding Tile puzzle
Tony Fisher Icosahedron is made from this puzzle
Dodecahedral Variant of the Skewb
Elite gathering of puzzle enthusiasts with large collections and available by invitation only
Puzzle DescriptionName
Octahedron (does not turn by the faces)
Custom Puzzle Shop that is a collection of many builders' works
3x3x2 (by another name)
2x2x3 (by another name)
Base puzzle of the Flowerminx
International puzzle building competition for puzzles made of this unusual material (puzzles don't have to be Fully Functional)
Main method for creating Masters of puzzles, after which multiple copies are made by casting
Largest conceived variant of the original Rubik's Cube
largest prototyped variant of the original Rubik's Cube
Partnered with the inventor of Bit Torrenting to create awesome puzzles
Site where many puzzle builders upload CAD files so that the general public can get them 3-D printed
The Cubedron and Rubik's 360 are based on this law
Highly sought-after puzzle that was made by Vesco Toys then by Meffert's but is now no longer produced; it has 20 sides
Variant of the Square-1 made by adding extra cuts
Tetrahedral variant of the 5x5
The cube that looks like a 2x2 but also turns along the faces (like an edgeless and cornerless 4x4)
Variant of the V-Cube 7 that has 7 colors of pieces
A Twisty Puzzle that has circles in the centers (thus making it more difficult to solve); general prefix
A dodecahedral puzzle that looks like a skewb in terms of face layout, but extended to a Pentagonal face shape instead of a square
Master Pyraminx base mechanism
3x3 variant made by cut-and-paste; start by making a Hexagonal Dipyramid then replace the cut pieces but shift them over a little
A 3x3x3 cube that appears to be missing a very key center piece
A 3x3 variant that appears to be a 3x3 cube but shifted over a little
A very difficult single-color modification of a Skewb made by Tony Fisher then later produced by Meffert's
Puzzle DescriptionName
A Difficult version of a Skewb prototyped by Adam Cowan then later produced by Mefferts, it's a tetrahedron (we're looking for the Meffert's name)
A 3x3 variant made by cutting off the edges and attaching them to the centers; originally a Knock-Off until a deal was reached between Mefferts and the offending company
A 6-faced 3x3 variant whose 6 faces are all rhombuses
A series of puzzles that work by pushing plungers in order to slide tiles around; it's a flat triangular puzzle
A puzzle made by Kelvin Stott that consists of a 3x3 with multicolored tiles with shapes; the objective is to 'scramble' it by having no row or column with the same shape or color
The shape of the cuts needed to create such puzzles as the 7x7x5
1st shape transformation of the Gigaminx (made by Tony Fisher)
A Java applet site that features virtual puzzles that might otherwise be impossible; all on this site are based on actual puzzles but many of them are higher-order versions of thes
A 3x3 variant whose 12 faces are rhombuses
3x3 variant where half of the corners have been truncated
An electronic luminous Rubik's Cube that works by touching and sliding the sides
Very rare production truncated Magic Octahedron
A puzzle whose pieces form star patterns extending from the centers and that is solved by having colors in a 'ring' as seen by looking past a star shape, it's like an edges-only me
A classic tetrahedral puzzle that features trivial tips and was originally produced by Mefferts; it is a bit of a misnomer as its name suggests that its shape is different from wha
Producers of high-quality 2x2,4x4, and 5x5 products that use unique mechanisms; the name sounds Irish and contains a cardinal point
The inventor of the cubedron and founder of MindStrat puzzles
A sliding-piece cubic puzzle whose objective is to turn the cube 'inside out' through strategic sliding of the dual-colored cubic pieces
A popular site that archives puzzles, their basic data, and their solutions; it was created by Jaap Scherpuis
A rare puzzle shaped like a soccer ball consisting of a series of roundish pieces (often black, either hexagons or octagons) about which other pieces (similarly shaped) rotate
A puzzle consisting of 4 dials, 4 buttons, and 18 circular windows under which lie arms (1 per window); the objective is to have all of the arms facing the same way by means of tur
Method of holding Rubik's Magic together
Inventor of the Rubik's Cube (first name, you should know this)

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