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Who can take tomorrow, dip it in a dream, separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream
I'll go it alone, that's how it must be
Most the time i spend behind these old county bars, you see son i drink's a bit
You with the stars in your eyes, love never made a fool of you
Let there be coo coos. A lark and a dove, but first of all please...
And these few precious days i'll spend with you, these golden days
An empty shell, a lonely cell in which, an empty heart must dwell
I've wined and dined on Mulligan stew, i've never wished for turkey, i've hitched and hiked and drifted too
I fell like a giant, i sore like an eagle, as though i had wings
My world would be a beautiful place, where we can weave such beautiful dreams
Where somebody waits for me, sugar's sweet, so is she
I'd rather be lonely than happy with somebody else
My heart wants to know and so i mut go, where destiny leads me
They say the skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true
When an irresistable force, such as you, meets an old immovable object like me
Well I should stay away, but what can i do? I'm a flame, with a burning desire
When see a dame, change the shape of that frame
I only live for your love and your kiss, it's paradise to be near you like this
I used to visit all the very gay places, those come-what-may places
Falling in love again, never wanted to, what am i to do? Can't help it

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