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Who is the god of thunder and lightning?
Who is the evil sorceror who claims souls?
Who is the younger brother of Liu Kang?
Who is the Earthrrealm fighter who was defeated by Goro?
Johnny Cage - 'This is where you ____ down.'
Who is the brother of Shao Kahn?
What is the name of the evil Elder God and father of Shao Kahn?
Who is responsible for the death of Sonya Blade's former partner?
How old is Princess Kitana?
Which actress plays Kitana?
Which actor plays Liu Kang
Which actor plays Raiden?
Who said - 'Thank God i didn't ask him to park the car'
How many straight victories of the tournament were won by Kahn's realm?
Who is Shao Kahn's queen?
Who must Kitana and Liu Kang seek for aid in defeating Shao Kahn?
Shang Tsung - 'Scorpion & Sub-Zero; deadliest of enemies, but ______ _____ __ _____'
Who does Johnny Cage defeat after being teleported to an unknown place.
What is the element that Kitana refers to when aiding Liu Kang?
How many dollars were Johnny's sunglasses worth?
What did Sonya forget to say when describing Johnny Cage?
What is the name of the first cyborg we see in the films?
Who defeats Ermac?
Who defeats Centaur Motaro?
Which realm is Shinnok banished to?
What is Liu Kang's first test of the three he must pass?
Who does both Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn hold hostage as bait?
As well as Los Angeles, the first movie was filmed on location in which country?
Who is the fighter that Liu Kang fights just after entering Outworld?
Raiden - 'I don't _____ so!'

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