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Forced Order
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There not boobsVin Diesel
And thats the truth. With some cheese on itTerry Crews
It aint about how hard you hit, its how hard you can get hit and keep moving forwardSylvester Stallone
Your 'Gym' is a skid mark on the underpants of societyBen Stiller
I got peed onSeann William Scott
Paging Dr. Faggot.... Dr. Faggot!Bradley Cooper
I did what I know how to do, so that you and your brothers could maybe have something that i never could have.Jimmy Smits
This city deserves a better class of criminal. And i'm gunna give it to themHeath Ledger
Wait, Wait, Wait! Can i just sit and watch? I'll... I'll eat my pizza quietlyRamon Rodriguez
I'm sorry, No its okay, its okay. Dont cry. Why are you still crying?John Leguizamo
I got three words: Anger managementAshton Kutcher
I must of been at a different party, cause thats not how i interpreted it at all. I dont think your parents liked me, and I think that JELL-O gave me a fake phone numberSeth Rogen
Remeber, That time in science class, I was lighting farts with the bunsen burner and i singed my ball sac?Jack Black
Austria. Well G'day mate, Lets put another shrimp on the barbieJim Carrey
Shut up ChuckaWill Ferrell
Do you need me to tell you the story about the little engine that could again?Damon Wayans
Should i shave my balls? Do you shave your balls? How do you do it?Jason Biggs
I ate alot of garlic, and i just farted. Silent but deadlyRyan Reynolds

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