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Can you name the (less obvious) Legend of Zelda characters through the alphabet?

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AInnkeeper from Majora's Mask
BMayor of Ordon Village from Twilight Princess
COwner of Romani Ranch from Majora's Mask
DSage of Fire from Ocarina of Time
EIn Zelda II, he simply stated that he was a mistake
FGoddess of Courage
GOcarina of Time's infamous villain
HThe affectionate, twirling couple from the N64 series
IZelda's guardian throughout the series
JA whale that speaks the old language
KThe owl that you wish couldn't talk from Ocarina of Time
LGreedy sailor from Phantom Hourglass
MRed-headed Koholint islander from Link's Awakening
NSage of Spirit from Ocarina of Time
OThe General of Darkness in Oracle of Seasons
PQuick as a rabbit to do his job and maybe race if he has the time
QYoung-looking leader of the fairies from Wind Waker
RAngry boy who loves Nayru from Oracle of Ages
SKakariko's first elder from A Link to the Past
THe wants to be a fairy boy - and take all your money while he's at it
UPregnant for a majority of Twilight Princess
VPurple-skinned human or bat-like villain that first appears in Four Swords
WAn enemy that comes out of the ground with a howl
XFree space, just like bingo. (Type 'free')
YA friendly yeti from Twilight Princess
ZTwilight dictator from Twilight Princess

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