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Can you name the 80's Horror Movie Sequels?

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Jamie Lee Curtis1981
Amy Steel1981
Sam Neill1981
Tom Atkins1982
Burt Young1982
Dana Kimmell1982
Anthony Perkins1983
Dennis Quaid 1983
Meg Ryan1983
Michael Berryman 1984
Corey Feldman1984
Lori Cardille1985
Robert Englund1985
Christopher Lee1985
John Shepherd1985
Sigourney Weaver1986
Asia Argento1986
Dennis Hopper1986
Heather O'Rourke1986
Thom Mathews1986
Jeff Fahey1986
Patricia Arquette1987
Bruce Campbell1987
Stephen King1987
Arye Gross1987
Michael Moriarty1987
Michael Ironside1987
Michael Caine1987
Eric Freeman1987
Barry Otto1987
Donald Pleasence1988
Ashley Laurence 1988
James Karen1988
Angus Scrimm1988
Lar Park-Lincoln1988
Tom Skerritt 1988
Renee Estevez1988
Tuesday Knight1988
Roddy McDowall1988
Lin Shaye1988
Royal Dano1988
Romy Windsor1988
Danielle Harris1989
Jeffrey Combs1989
Eric Stoltz1989
Kane Hodder1989
Lisa Wilcox1989
Pamela Springsteen1989
Bill Moseley1989
Gerrit Graham1989

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