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Ouran Host Club PresidentPrincely type
Ouran Host ClubCool type
Ouran Host ClubNatural type
Ouran Host ClubLittle devil type
Ouran Host ClubLittle devil type
Ouran Host ClubLoli shota type
Ouran Host ClubStrong silent type
Takashi's little brotherTalkative and in kendo club
Mitsukuni's little brotherPresident of karate club
Host Club's female managerCame from France
Black Magic club presidentWorships darkness
Black Magic presdient's sisterLoves princes
Crossdressing fatherWorks at okama bar
Black Magic mascotA cat
Yakuza group heir.Red haired and scary
Girl helped by Host Club in epsiode 2.Likes teacups
Little boy who asks to become a host to impress girls.Plays piano
Black Magic member crushing on Honey.Uses curses to get try and get Honey, appears only in manga
Lobelia Girls Academy Lady of the Red Rose
Lobelia Girls AcademyLady of the Lily
Lobelia Girls AcademyLady of the Daisy
School ChairmanHad affair with French woman
Crossdressing friend of Haruhi's fatherWorks at an inn
Daughter of MisuzuAppears only in manga and gives love advice
France-based Tonerre heirBetrothed to Host Club president, appears only in anime
Class RepIs a scaredy cat
The girl class rep has a crush onLikes the 'natural' type in Host Club

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