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Percy's real father
One of Percy's mental disorders
The person who betrays Percy in the 1st book
Percy's best friend
The previous answer's secret
Percy's mortal stepfather
Sally Jackson's married name
Mr. D's real name
Beckendorf's cabin
Annabeth's cabin
Percy's half-brother
Percy's new stepfather
Kind of car the answer to #12 has
The spy in The Last Olympian
Mortal girl who can see through the mist
Name of Percy's sword
What Percy and Grover share
Nico's sister
Quintus's real identity
Where the Sea of Monsters is
Who Luke is possessed by
Percy is blown up by a volcano and meets this person
The first monster Percy fights
The god that Percy's best friend wants to find
Percy's best friend's girlfriend
Nico is the son of....
The ship that Luke is on in the 5th book
Thalia's father
Percy's best friend's last name
The name of Quintus's hellhound
The Last Olympian is

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