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Ion FormulaIon NameType of Ion
H^-Monoatomic Anion
H3PO4Weak Acid
BrO2^-Polyatomic Anion
H2SO4Strong Acid
HBrO4Weak Acid
SeO4^-2Polyatomic Anion
Be^+2Monoatomic Cation
HClStrong Acid
Al^+3Monoatomic Cation
IO3^-Polyatomic Anion
I^-Monoatomic Anion
C2O4^-2Polyatomic Anion
K^+Monoatomic Cation
B4O7^-2Polyatomic Anion
Ga^+3Monoatomic Cation
CN^-Polyatomic Anion
BO3^-3Polyatomic Anion
Cr^+2Transition Metal Cation
Be(OH)2Weak Base
O^-2Monoatomic Anion
HIO4Strong Acid
SO4^-2Polyatomic Anion
HBrO2Weak Acid
Ag^+Transition Metal Cation
BrO3^-Polyatomic Anion
KOHStrong Base
IO^-Polyatomic Anion
Se^-2Monoatomic Anion
Mg(OH)2Weak Base
Rb^+Monoatomic Cation
C2H3O2^-Polyatomic Anion
NO2^-Polyatomic Anion
Sr(OH)2Strong Base
Cr^+3Transition Metal Cation
HIStrong Acid
BrO^-Polyatomic Anion
F2Diatomic Gas
HPO4^-2Polyatomic Anion
Ge^+4Monoatomic Cation
N^-3Monoatomic Anion
HSO4^-Polyatomic Anion
P^-3Monoatomic Anion
NH2^-Polyatomic Anion
HClO4Strong Acid
HNO3Strong Acid
Zn^+2Transition Metal Cation
Cr2O7^-2Polyatomic Anion
SiO3^-2Polyatomic Anion
C8H4O4^-2Polyatomic Anion
ClO2^-Polyatomic Anion
Ca(OH)2Strong Base
Cd^+2Transition Metal Cation
H2CO3Weak Acid
H2Diatomic Gas
S^-2Monoatomic Anion
Ra^+2Monoatomic Cation
OH^-Polyatomic Anion
HIO3Weak Acid
Li^+Monoatomic Cation
NH4^+Polyatomic Cation
HClO2Weak Acid
Fe^+3Transition Metal Cation
Ba^+2Monoatomic Cation
RbOHStrong Base
Mg^+2Monoatomic Cation
Cl^-Monoatomic Anion
NO3^-Polyatomic Anion
C2H3O2HWeak Acid
HCO3^-Polyatomic Anion
Ion FormulaIon NameType of Ion
SCN^-Polyatomic Anion
AsO4^-3Polyatomic Anion
Br^-Monoatomic Anion
CH3COOHWeak Acid
ClO3^-Polyatomic Anion
Si^+4Monoatomic Cation
Bi^+5Monoatomic Cation
CrO4^-2Polyatomic Anion
O2^-2Polyatomic Anion
C4H4O6^-2Polyatomic Anion
Sr^+2Monoatomic Cation
H2SO3Weak Acid
BrO4^-Polyatomic Anion
Co^+4Transition Metal Cation
Mn^+4Transition Metal Cation
IO4^-Polyatomic Anion
O2^-Polyatomic Anion
HBrO3Weak Acid
Cu^+Transition Metal Cation
H3PO3Weak Acid
P4Another Wierdo
H2PO4^-Polyatomic Anion
Cl2Diatomic Gas
N2Diatomic Gas
CO3^-2Polyatomic Anion
ClO^-Polyatomic Anion
NH3Stable Compound
N3^-Polyatomic Anion
O2Diatomic Gas
Ca^+2Monoatomic Cation
H3O^+Polyatomic Cation
Ni^+2Transition Metal Cation
S2O3^-2Polyatomic Anion
C^-4Monoatomic Anion
F^-Monoatomic Anion
HClO3Strong Acid
Hg^+2Transition Metal Cation
HIO2Weak Acid
Br2Diatomic Gas
NaOHStrong Base
ClO4^-Polyatomic Anion
Ba(OH)2Strong Base
Sn^+4Transition Metal Cation
I2Diatomic Gas
MnO4^-Polyatomic Anion
Hg^+Transition Metal Cation
HClOWeak Acid
CH3COO^-Polyatomic Anion
SO3^-2Polyatomic Anion
PO4^-3Polyatomic Anion
HBrStrong Acid
As^+5Monoatomic Cation
HIOWeak Acid
S8Another Wierdo
Na^+Monoatomic Cation
Cu^+2Transition Metal Cation
PO3^-3Polyatomic Anion
Sn^+2Transition Metal Cation
Fr^+Monoatomic Cation
IO2^-Polyatomic Anion
CsOHStrong Base
Mn^+2Transition Metal Cation
LiOHWeak Base
HBrOWeak Acid
HFWeak Acid
Fe^+2Transition Metal Cation
Cs^+Monoatomic Cation
Co^+2Transition Metal Cation

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