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Can you name the Most Common Freshwater Aquarium Fish ?

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Species NameGroup
Carassius auratusCarp
Puntius titteyaBarb
Puntius tetrazonaBarb
Puntius conchoniusBarb
Rasbora heteromorphaRasbora
Hemigrammus bleheriTetra
Paracheirodon axelrodiTetra
Hemigrammus erythrozonusTetra
Paracheirodon innesiTetra
Xiphophorus helleriLivebearers
Xiphophorus maculatusLivebearers
Poecilia latipinnaLivebearers
Poecilia reticulataLivebearers
Danio aequipinnatusDanio
Danio rerioDanio
Tanichthys albonubesDanio
Trichogaster leeriLabyrinth fish
Species NameGroup
Betta splendensLabyrinth fish
Trichogaster trichopterusLabyrinth fish
Helostoma temminckiLabyrinth fish
Colisa laliaLabyrinth fish
Corydoras sp.Catfish
Otocinclus sp.Sucker mouth Catfish
Hypostomus plecostomusSucker Mouth Catfish
Symphysodon sp.Discus
Balantiocheilus melanopterusShark
Botia macracanthaLoach
Melanotaenia boesemaniRainbow Fish
Melanotaenia praecoxRainbow Fish
Astronotus ocellatusNew World Cichlid
Archocentrus nigrofasciatusNew World Cichlid
Pterophyllum spNew World Cichild
Papiliochromis ramireziNew World Cichilid
Thorichthys meekiNew World Cichilid

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