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Can you find the name of the Country in each of these sentences?

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Nicklaos offered Mikhael a tinned beverage.
Rub Olivia's back ostentasiously for Nora.
The tirimisu Daniel ordered was a martial grapefruit.
What can penguins do when they come across a broken yacht?
I like to win at lacrosse, but never play a badminton game.
What are you asking Clara, us triads are tough.
Come on Sam, oatmeal isn't too bad at eating.
The extrenuous eucalyptus of Stephen is painful.
Carlos, you forager, must you always shun Gary.
Even now there isn't much I name myself.
Stuart would suspisiously like to give an animal a window.
I own a cub hut and it is a superb remedy.
It was Saturday when Ramona courted Adam at Athens.
Chris, we denied any attacks you substantiated into.
Jaime seemingly bet he couldn't better us, Sian.
Porcupines are awful, but their tutu value is low.
As per usual the Attabeg is starving today.
Ha ha, I tickled you into favorourable submission.
What are you modest on, I ate breakfast awfully.
Blast, manchester united won, as on came Rooney and scored.

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